Fraternize (Players Game #1) Rachel Van Dyken


Emerson just made her dream come true as a professional cheerleader for her favorite pro football team. But even though the plus-size athlete is breaking down boundaries, she still has to contend with the massive rulebook. Carbs? Nope. Chocolate? Definitely not. Still, Emerson loves her curves, and she’ll rock the hell out of this job even if it kills her. Except for one mandate that is easier read than done…

No fraternizing with the players.

Problem one is Miller Quinton: Emerson’s first love, first sex, and the guy who still ignites her daydreams and R-rated fantasies. Thrown back together, Miller and Emerson feel the undeniable pull of passion again, even if the conflict that tore them apart seems insurmountable. Then there’s way-too-sexy Grant Sanchez. He has a serious reputation with the ladies, and when it comes to winning someone he wants, he doesn’t let anyone stand in his way.

Now Emerson is breaking every rule in the manual. But what she doesn’t know is that she’s part of a wicked little game—one that could steal both her dream and her heart.


K3’s $0.02

I loved that Emerson was able to make her dream come true by becoming a professional cheerleader. I freaking adored that she broke the mold. She wasn’t your typical paper thin, fake boobed blondie. She is a real woman. She owned her curves and she is a damn talented cheerleader. Her journey hasn’t been an easy one. After all these years, she is still longing for her best friend and first love.

Miller is the best tight end professional football and he just got traded to the last place he ever wanted to be again, Bellemont. He has avoided that area like the plague all because of the one girl who broke his heart, Emerson. Being back in town and on the same field has all of those old feelings coming back. Then seeing his teammate pine for his girl, just pisses him off that much more.  

Emerson and Quinton aka Miller have a huge history together. They were best friends, through thick and thin. He was her first love, her first sexual experience, and her first real heartbreak. He promised her he would never leave, and he did. She promised him she would always be there for him and she wasn’t. Fate brought them back together on the same team no less and with a strict no fraternizing with the players, what could possibly go wrong?

Grant Sanchez is one of the best players in the league, he is also known for being a playboy. The team is known for making bets on who can bag a cheerleader first. When he sees Emerson for the first time, game on. Grant is stunned that Emerson isn’t falling for his charm. He has never had a woman tell him no. This intrigues him and it also makes him want her more.

See where this is going?

Emerson is caught in the middle. Miller and her have a past that is huge, they also have so much unfinished business that could make or break them. Sanchez is her present and possible her future, the thing is, will she risk it all for what she had or will she go for something she has never felt before?

Rachel Van Dyken did such a great job with these characters. A love triangle of sorts and oh so emotional. I found myself being #TeamMiller one minute then being #TeamSanchez the next. The more and more I read and was sucked into their world I made my choice and stuck with it till the end.

Em is a character I just adored. She is strong and witty but also vulnerable and scared. I loved that you could feel her emotions, her happiness, and sadness.

Grant Sanchez is such a funny and cocky son of a bitch. I adored him, he had me swooning immediately. He is that guy who is confident but also laid back and oh so sweet when he wants to be. On the outside, he comes off like a conceded ass but on the inside, he is all heart.

I fell in love with Miller immediately. He is that best friend any girl would kill to have and kill to love. After losing his mother he had Em and she helped him through the hurt.

This story was emotional, frustrating, sexy and fun and the ending was oh so satisfying. I admit, at the beginning of this story, I thought it was going to go in a certain direction and was shocked when it didn’t.

I loved every angsty moment of it!