Death Match (True Death #7) by R.K. Gleason

Human beings aren’t the only creatures, in all the planes of existence, threatened by change and fear the unknown. Horace’s recent confrontations with ‘superior beings’ and the unusual circumstances of Niki’s pregnancy have placed a bounty on both their heads. That is, unless Jehna can broker a deal that ensures everyone involved has something to lose, without tearing the group of friends apart.

As the details of the blood-contract unfold, it becomes increasingly obvious it’s not ‘if’ the agreement will be broken, but when…

What will it mean for Horace and Niki when the lines are crossed, not to mention Shepard and their angelic allies? Will their enemies finally be able to swing the axe they’ve been grinding for centuries?

Which of the friends will fall under the heavy blade of revenge, and who will be left standing at the end of… Death Match?

Pet’s $0.02

Okay, this is awkward. But, I’m fairly confident I can review this objectively.

R.K., look away….nothing to see here.

For a series that started out simply, it got complicated quickly! At least three of these characters should have been killed off after their introductions and I can attest that it has been a constant struggle with Mr. Gleason to keep them in the story. (Exclusive: Bob is getting his own series!...I know, I almost wet myself too!)

R.K. likes to leave us wanting more and almost every one of his books ends on a cliffhanger. And they’re usually fucking doozies. The last book ended on the firing of a gun and this one picks up on where that bullet landed….

He and I are still arguing over whether, or not, this one has ended the same way. He is firmly in the NO camp and I’m leaning towards kinda… but when you fade to black?....I mean…fuck….

True to form, Shepard and Horace just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.  In Death Match, the group continues to bumble their way from catastrophe, to disaster to misunderstanding. All lubricated by massive amounts of drinking and a ton of dumb luck.

There were a lot of surprises in this installment in the series. The characters grew in ways that I didn’t see coming, and made me like them even more. They learn some hard truths about themselves and new and sometimes uncomfortable things about their friends.

I love these guys…they’re like members of my own family and I ran the whole gamut of emotions getting through this story, from wanting to hug the ones who needed it most, to wanting to yell at the ones who pissed me off to being frustrated as hell at decisions they made you knew were going to come back to bite them in the ass. I laughed my ass off at some of the stupid shit they did and cheered at the cameo appearances from some of my favorite past characters.

The plot is tight and the action is fast. The dialogue flows and will keep you entertained to the end. This is a great soft stop for this series and jumping off point for the new one. I’m excited to see what R.K. comes up with next, but I can’t wait until we get to visit with this group of misfits again.

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