Filthy Player (Rough Riders #2) by Stacey Lynn

The Raleigh Rough Riders are back, and this time Super Bowl Quarterback Beaux Hale finds himself playing the most important game of his life. 

Every woman knows Beaux Hale is nothing but a player. Yet the first time he walks into Paige Halloway’s restaurant and flashes his sexy grin, she feels a heat between them spark. Too bad he opens his mouth and ruins it.

He may think his money, fame, and sexy looks will attract any woman—but he’s wrong.

Paige doesn’t have time for a man. She’s too busy keeping a roof over her head and taking care of her father to care about relationships. 

Lucky for Beaux, he’s a man who's ready to use all the plays at his disposal. He didn’t bring his team a Super Bowl victory by giving up at the first block in his path—and Paige Halloway has just become his new long-game.

Beaux also knows that sometimes, in order to win and claim your prize, you have to get a little bit filthy.



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ellie's $0.02:

Those of you who know me and my tastes know that normally a hot football player does nothing for me.  Nothing personal to my football player fans.  But I loved this one.  I loved every single fucking thing about this book.

The cocky ego of Beaux as a star quarterback worked for me.  The hard working ethic of Paige worked for me.  The chemistry between the two definitely worked for me.

The minor angst, the twists involved wasn’t agonizing and sometimes I need to not be agoned. I made up that word   You’re welcome.

The banter between the players (as in football players, not playahs...although some of them are both) is fun and entertaining.  

The whole book is a perfect balance of entertainment, touchdowns, goals (#couplegoals) and stuff.