Victory's Defeat: Indian Hill 6 by Mark TufoIndian Hill 6: Victory's Defeat: A Michael Talbot Adventure by Mark Tufo

Beth forever fanning the flames of tension and dissension has the Stryvers, the Progerians and the entire Human race on the brink of annihilation. It is up to Michael Talbot, BT, Drababan and the United Earth Marine Corps to stave off this extinction event, along with General Ginson aboard the outgunned, out manned and the nearly crippled USS Guardian. Is it too late or can it all still be saved?

Pet’s $0.02

It’s not a secret that I think Mark Tufo can do no wrong in the zombie genre, but did you know that Michael Talbot existed in an alternate reality called Indian Hill? You should, because this is some of the best sci-fi writing I’ve read!

All of your favorite characters are here and it’s like a bonus that you get a ton of new characters to add to the mix. Michael is still as snarky and seems to live a charmed life. He must have a whole leprechaun shoved in his pocket to get out of some of the shit storms he finds himself in. Tracy is here but while she was someone you did not mess with in Zombie Fallout she is fucking BADASS in Indian Hill and has some of the funniest scenes. And BT is back and is just as mystified by Mike as he was in ZF. You actually get more of BT in Indian Hill, which I love because that man is also funny as hell. But Mark has outdone himself in introducing Drababan to the mix. Drababan is droll to the extreme and reminds me of a reptilian Dalai Lama who can whoop some serious ass. His relationship with Mike outshines Mike’s relationship with BT in my opinion and I never thought anything could do that.

In Victory’s Defeat, the human race finds itself caught between two alien races. The Progerian’s and the Stryver’s. I’m not adding the Genogerian’s in that mix because even though the Geno’s are the fighting force, the Prog’s are the war mongers of that race. Beth is still causing trouble between Mike and Paul and no one can be trusted. There are so many back alley deals going on between the waring factions it’s hard to keep track of who is screwing over who. The only constant is that Mike continues to act first, think later and can be counted on to throw a wrench into any deals that have been struck. He’s fed up with the underhanded dealings, the double crosses and the backstabbing and he’s willing to give up his own life if he can ensure Travis, his son, and the rest of the human race remaining on earth come out on top.

Tufo says that Indian Hill 7 is the last book in this series. I can only hope he’s underestimated how much there is yet to tell, because I can’t even imagine saying goodbye to this series.

If you’re even a passing fan of sci-fi you should give this series a chance. And if you want an extra special treat, listen to it in audiobook. Sean Runnette adds so much personality to the reading and brings these characters to life. And if you’ve never read a Mark Tufo book before, make sure you listen to all of the prologues and epilogues, they are some of the best parts of Tufo’s books. This is no exception and the epilogue with Drababan almost crushed me.