Pursued - Chapter 4

Pursued – Chapter Four


     “Somehow, I expected more,” Keening said, looking disappointedly at the contents of Eradication’s dimly lit room from the open door.

     “How so?” Eradication asks, not bothering to stop her energetic search for an elusive item someplace in the disarray. As she completely tosses her room from one end to the other, her personal possessions begin piling up in the middle of the floor.

     “I don’t know,” Keening answers. “I guess I pictured The Batcave or The Tardis or some shit. But this is just kind of… normal.”

     “And gross,” Hellbound adds, wrinkling her nose as she peaks around Keening through the doorway.

     “I still can’t believe you had Pandemic tagged. And what, exactly are you looking for?” Desolation asks, stepping next to Hellbound to peer into the room over Keening’s shoulder.

     “It’s a thingy,” Eradication answers, tossing some shorts over her shoulder as she continues digging.

     “Spare me the technical description,” Desolation says, her words dipped in a heavy coating of sarcasm.

     “Fuck off and help me!” Eradication snaps, turning on the three standing in her doorway. She maintains her usual calm exterior, but the urgency in her eyes and causes Desolation to push past the other two and step into the bedroom.

     “What exactly, are we looking for?” Desolation asks, pawing through a pile of laundry and shaking out each article, one at a time.

     “It’s small, black and looks like a smart phone,” Eradications replies, setting her hands on her hips as she scans her room for someplace she hasn’t already looked.

     “So, it’s a cell phone,” Keening says, joining the two in the room and searching one of the higher shelves on the wall.

     “No,” Eradication says, jerking open her top dresser drawer. “I said it looks like a fucking cell phone.”

     “Then what is it?” Hellbound asks, remaining in the doorway.


     “It’s a fucking thingy,” Eradication shouts, slamming the drawer closed and glaring at Desolation, daring her to make a smartass remark. “A mother fucking tracking thingy!”

     “Oh…” the other three semi-demigods reply, nodding in unison.

     “Well, where is it?” Desolation asks, lifting the corner of the mattress.

     “I don’t know!” Eradication roars, flipping the mattress out of Desolation’s grip and sending it slamming up against the wall to expose the box-springs beneath it. “It’s not fucking here!” she yells, as she runs her hands over the box-springs like the tracking device is somehow hiding in the off-white material.

     “When did you last see it?” Hellbound asks, folding an oversized tee-shirt with a picture of an old woman with no teeth, flipping the bird on it.    

“When I put it in my desk,” Eradication replies, pointing to the small desk. The drawers have all been pulled out and dumped onto the top, the empty shells tossed to the side. “And it’s not fucking there!” she shouts as Keening picks up each drawer and shakes them before inspecting the inside.

     “Are you sure,” Hellbound asks, dropping the folded shirt on the floor and absently sniffing her fingers.


     “Well, not now!” Eradication says. She glances into the lampshade on her nightstands before checking underneath it as Keening and Desolation begin sifting through the items piled on the floor, making sure the gizmo isn’t hiding in them. Eradication scans her room for another place to search again as Hellbound walks out of the bedroom. “Where are you going?” Eradication asks her.

     “To find your thingy,” Hellbound tells her without breaking stride.

     “You know where it is?” Eradication asks hopefully, following Hellbound into the living room.

     “I wouldn’t bet my ass on it,” Hellbound says, before being interrupted by Desolation.

     “Then you must not have a clue because you’ve put your ass on the table for some pretty stupid shit,” she says.

     “Yeah,” Hellbound agrees. “But I ended up winning in the end,” she says slyly as she opens Pandemic’s door.

     “In her end is more like it,” Keening says quietly to Desolation as Hellbound disappears into the room.

     Pandemic’s floor is littered with empty an assortment of shoes and PEZ wrappers. The majority of the brightly colored papers aren’t crumpled, but lay open like discarded husks. Many of the plastic dispensers are scattered and broken with their tiny, cartoon heads snapped off and tossed among the wrappers for added color. Scanning the room, her eyes are instantly drawn to the small table next to the bed. Amongst the half-dozen beverage containers and cups, she spots a black, rectangular object turned face down in the table. On the back of it is a round sticker with the word “FACK” and a crudely drawn sheep below it. “I think I found it!” she shouts as she picks up the tracker and heads out of the room. “Is this it?” Hellbound asks, handing the small electric device to Eradication.

     “That bitch!” Eradications says, taking it from Hellbound. She inspects it for damage, noting the new sticker on the back, forcing a brief smile. The other three huddle around her as Eradication pushes the power button on the side and they wait for the tracker to come to life.

     “Did you get new shampoo?” Hellbound asks Keening.

     “Yeah,” Keening answers. “Why?”

     “Your hair smells nice,” Hellbound replies.

     “Shut up!” Eradication says as three, differently colored circles appear on the screen, grouped closely together.

     “What are those?” Desolation asks, pointing at the screen.

     “That’s you three,” Eradication answers, waiting the rest of the details to come into focus on the small screen.

     “What color am I?” Keening asks.

     “Fuck that!” Desolation barks, looking up from the display to stare intently at Eradication. “Why are we being displayed at all?” she asks, her question sound more like an accusation.

     “I had you all of you LoJacked,” Eradication answers. “Not just Pandemic.”

     “What?” Desolation asks.

     “When?” Keening follows.

     “Remember a few months ago when I made dentist appointments for all of us?” Eradication asks.

     “Yes,” Desolation says warily. “But I thought that was just for a checkup and cleaning.”

     “It was,” Eradication replies. “But the rest of you got a little something extra.”

     “What the fuck?” Keening shouts.

     “You didn’t wonder why they used the gas to put you under for a cleaning?” Eradication asks.

     “I thought the dentist just wanted anal,” Hellbound says.

     “That explains why your appointment took the longest,” Keening says, looking at Hellbound.

     “I can’t help it if I’m a sex-enthusiast,” Hellbound replies.

     “Shut the fuck up!” Eradication says, silencing the two. “I had us all implanted with a tiny transmitter just in case something like this happened.”

     “You knew this would happen?” Desolation asks in her accusatory tone.

     “I knew it was a possibility.”

     “I still appreciate the appointment any way,” Hellbound says, giving an involuntary shiver.

     “Slut,” Keening says.

     “Shrew,” Hellbound replies.

     “Whatever,” Eradication says, refocusing the team’s attention back to the tracking device. “This is you…us,” she continues, pointing to the dots. Using her thumb and index finger, she pinches them closer two times, and zooms out on the image on the touchscreen. On the third flick of her fingers, another tiny dot appears in the corner of the display. “Gotcha!” Eradication says, her words taking a low predatory tone.

     “Is that her?” Keening asks.

     “Yes,” Eradication answer, staring at the display.

     “Why does Pandemic get to be the pink dot?” Hellbound asks.

     “What fucking difference does it make?” Desolation blurts.

     “I’m more of a pink dot than she is,” Hellbound replies.

     “Where is she?” Keening asks.

     “Crossing into Utah,” Eradication answers.

     “Where do you think she’s going?” Desolation asks.

     “She’s heading northeast,” Eradication answers. “Maybe Colorado… Boulder maybe… From her speed I’m guessing she’s in a car or something.”

     “Panda-bear doesn’t drive,” Hellbound says.

     “I know…” Eradication agrees, not lifting her eyes form the device.

     “Then who’s driving her?” Keening asks.

     “Or taking her?” Desolation adds.

     “It’s not like she’d just take off,” Hellbound says.

     Looking up from the tracker for the first time since it glowed to life, Eradication looks the three in the eyes. “I think The Gentlemen may have her,” she says in a whisper.

     “Who, the fuck, are The Gentlemen and why would they take Pandemic?” Desolation asks.




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