Shift (Hearts and Arrows 2) by Staci Hart

Bestselling author Staci Hart brings you the second installment of an addictive romantic mythology series where love is the ultimate game, and Aphrodite always wins.

Even the gods cannot betray the will of the stars.

It’s been a hundred years since she’s warmed my bed, a hundred years spent waiting for her. Now we’ll compete again in a game that matters little to me. But my prize is far greater than a token to be paid for a favor — I want her. 

And for the first time in a very long time, I have the chance to keep her.

Because now the ground has shifted, tilted in my favor, and with her footing unsteady, she will fall. 

I will catch her.

This time, I won’t let go.

*Formerly titled Snake in the Grass, Shift has been completely rewritten and edited*

ellie's $0.02:

This is what I like to call a twofer.  Two for one.  Two stories in one.  This was like The Hunger Games of Greek mythology meets Fast & Furious.  Sold yet?  I don't want to explain because then I've told you the story and that's dumb because Staci tells you the story in this book.

Hart brings me this blend of plots that all mix together and ends up as one story.  Sounds bizarre, right?  It's not.  It's epic. It's stellar.  It's one of my fave books ever.  If you are a Greek mythology fan, hobbyist, or disinterested (i.e., that's every reader), you should read this one.  Oh oh oh... maybe you like fighter stories.  Done here.  Maybe you like car racing.  Done here.  Maybe you like romance.  Done here.  This has EVERYTHING.  It's like a Thanksgiving day feast.  Feast I shall.  Feast I did.

There is humor, angst, sex (you dirty birdies all love sex), precise writing and story telling and off the Richter scale in entertainment value.  The mix of everything going on and how it relates to one another is ON task.

This one is uber high (totes diff than lyft) on my recommended reads.  This is a hands down solid recommend on "what should I read next" to anyone that asks me.