Creed's Expectations (#hotcom series) by J.D. Hollyfield

Lies, lust, and wickedly intriguing expectations.

A fresh new start for Kasey Bishop leads her to a night she most definitely won’t forget. An inviting, yet indecent proposal that shows her she might not be as innocent as she once seemed.

Deceit, desire, and the hunger for forbidden expectations

She was off limits. That’s what made her the perfect pawn in Creed Monroe’s plan for revenge. Until he got his first taste. 

Explosive chemistry, heat, and an instant connection…these two might exceed each other’s expectations.

When the roguish bad boy is forced to come clean as his vengeful secrets begin to unravel, will Kasey continue to accept Creed’s forbidden expectations? Or will she have a few expectations of her own?

ellie's $0.02:

I connected with the characters.  But not connected with like actual body parts or in like, "hey, I've lived this life and can relate," but in the connected that I REALLY enjoyed them.

I could write a review about my ovaries exploding and hot alpha men and amazing character chemistry - which would all be valid points - but what really drew me in was the humor.  This has Hollyfield humor written all over it and in it.  Hollyfield Humor.  That should be patented and trademarked.  

Creed was edgy and rough and I like that.  I imagined him slamming me into a wall or two.  But that's beside the point.  Pretty much everything about the characters and the plot was right up my alley (no, that is not a sexual innuendo, but kinda).

So with Hollyfield Humor, rough Creed, characters I liked - like really really liked - a plot line that kept my squirrel brain 100% engaged, I loved everything about this book.  This one did something to me, but I can't put one finger on (or in ) what specifically it was - it was the whole kit and caboodle. Fave book out of that Hollyfield chick to date.  I vote for an audible with the author as the narrator.


Speaking of caboodles.  I would be willing to bet a hundred tacos that Hollyfield owns or did own a caboodle.  Remember those?  I stored weed in mine.

ARC and funny memes provided in exchange for an honest review.

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