Reckless (Cynical Illusions, #1) by K. Renee and Lexi Bissen

Axel Cage loves two things: music, and his sister. He’s got the best friends a guy could ask for and his band, Cynical Illusions, is finally getting somewhere. 

Ryan Allyn is a country girl trying to make it in the big city of Los Angeles. Going to nursing school takes up most of her free time, but she couldn’t imagine doing anything else. 

She’s a little sassy. He’s a little cocky.

A chance encounter brings two opposites together for a hell of a ride.

ellie's $0.02:

I'm always game for a good rock star story and was a little enamored with this one.  This was entertaining, light on the trauma scale, high on the romance, super high on the music scene.  Because you remember... I love rock stars.  These two authors blended together as one to bring us sassy Ryan and sexy Axel in the perfect smoothie.  Yeah, I'm not so great at analogies.  But it came together seamlessly and was sheer entertainment.  

High recommend if you're needing a rocking fix, a sizzling romance, and some dynamic fun characters.