Single Dad’s Waitress by Amelia Wilde

He’ll give her more than just the tip. 


I’m not looking for love at the Short Stack diner. Just pancakes. 

I’ve been screwed over before, and it was the mother of all disasters. The only silver lining? My cute-as-hell daughter, Minnie. 

Until I meet Valentine, the hot waitress serving us eggs and bacon. 

She’s over-the-top gorgeous, with a body that makes me want to have her for breakfast. And when she sprays me in the face with whipped cream, her pink cheeks start to melt my frigid heart. 

I can’t let her get to me. A scorching summer fling, sure…but that’s all my life can handle. 

Once fall comes, we’re over. 


Waitressing is my job of last resort. So here I am, right at rock bottom. 

Dumped by my ex? Check. Back in my hometown? Double check. Making a fool of myself in front of the sexiest stranger I’ve ever seen? Nailed it. 

Ryder is the kind of guy I can never have. He’s sinfully sexy…and a single dad. There’s no room for me in a life like his. 

He came in for pancakes, but now I’m stuck wanting his sausage. 

The tension between us has to stop. Neither of us needs this…but he’s too hot not to touch. 

If only someone could remind me to stay out of the kitchen… 

Single Dad’s Waitress is a steamy, sweet single dad romance with adult language, no cheating, laugh-out-loud scenes, and an HEA that will melt your heart.

ellie's $0.02:

Some times we all just need a fun-loving, entertaining, light-hearted HEA love story.   This one is it.  It's sweet, sexy, and sensual.  It's peaceful and serene with the story line and the setting.

This was my first Amelia read and I wasn't disappointed.  It lifted my cold black heart a little.  Ryder's baby was sweet and lovable and he was the epic single hot dad.  The plot laid out smoothly.  The characters were "simple" but not in a bad way - - simple being just real and not deep and dark complexities.  The story and characters were uplifting and fluffy like whipped cream.  Again.  That's a compliment.

Loved Amelia's style of storytelling.  She keeps things in line, clean, and precise.  This one was just an all-around feel good read.


I will definitely be back for more.