To Crown A Beast (Blackest Gold, #4) by R. Scarlett

She tasted his sweetness, his power, and his love, and it destroyed him.
That iron heart has turned to ashes, leaving only a heartless beast.
One she vows to tame.
One she vows to save.
Before he rips her own heart out.


ellie's $0.02:

Sometimes I do things backward.  Like beginning a series from the end to the beginning.  This is a perfect example and a perfect example of what you should NOT do.

While this was my first read by the author, it was the last in the series.  I stumbled on it by accident (long story - MY story, not THIS story) and instantly fell in love with the plot and this author.  I have zero doubt it is the perfect conclusion to an amazing series.  While at times I was a little lost because I hadn't read the previous books, this one was gripping and extremely entertaining.  The writing kept me here.  And the demons.   And the beast...  and having no heart but kind of a heart.   It was all so worth it.  But again, the style of writing was a win for me.

This could potentially become a favorite series of mine.  Demons and daemons and shit?  Yeah, I like that.