Immortality's Touchstone (Lycan Fallout #4) by Mark Tufo

Can Mike battle back from the final outcome? Now that the world needs him the most. New and old threats emerge to claim a war-ravaged world on the verge of collapse. Lana, Bailey and Azile the Red Witch have assembled all that remains of man in one final battle that could determine the fate of mankind forever. And it just might not be enough.

Pet’s $0.02

Pick your poison, zombies and lycans. Personally, I’m taking both.

Tufo brings us an entirely new take on Lycans and Werewolves in the Lycan Fallout series. If I was pushed, I’d have a hard time deciding whether I liked the Zombie Fallout or Lycan Fallout series more…but I just might have to go with the Lycan Fallout series.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this series, it picks up 150 years after Zombie Fallout that ended with Michael as part vampire and as a somewhat antisocial hermit. He’s done everything he could to keep the human race alive and he’s just fucking tired. Pretty much everyone he knew and loved is gone. Tracy, the kids, BT, and Tripp are gone, but there are a few others still around. Tommy visits annually to prod Michael to feed his vampire side and Azile has become the well known and powerful Red Witch. There are also a host of new characters introduced that I absolutely fell in love with. BT’s family has continued in Baily, Michael finds a new shadow in Lana, a new friend in Mathieu and a new companion in Oggie.

In Immortality’s Touchstone, Michael is back from beyond the veil and he’s a little pissed off at the Lycan’s who put him there. He’s been gone for eight months and returns to find big changes have occurred in his absence. Azile is pregnant, Lana is set to marry and the Lycan/Human war has continued.

What I love about this series is the difference in Michael’s personality from one series to the other. In Zombie Fallout he still had his family and friends and a human connection to what was going on around him to keep him grounded. If he could save one human from the zombies or from Eliza he would do whatever was necessary. In Lycan fallout he’s much more pragmatic, he’s a hair’s breadth away from bitter and if he has to kill innocents to ensure the people he loves survive he will not hesitate.

I find that I like practical Michael. There’s very little Michael’s won’t do to keep his group save. He sees the quickest, most efficient way to solve a problem and he does it. His personality is almost beautiful in its simplicity.

That doesn’t mean that Lycan Fallout is missing any of what made me fall in love with the Zombie Fallout series. Michael is still a fucking smartass who I don’t think knows how to speak in any other language than sarcasm. There is just as much humor, just as much vivid world building and although they may not be the original crew, a circle of family and friends that come alive with their own personalities.