Captive (Beautiful Monsters #1) by Jex Lane

Matthew Callahan has spent seven years struggling against the insatiable hunger for blood consuming him. Unable to stop the vampire inside from preying on humans, he keeps himself confined to a lonely existence. 

Everything changes the night he is lured into a trap and taken prisoner by High Lord General Tarrick—a seductive incubus who feeds off sexual energy. Forced into the middle of a war between vampires and incubi, Matthew is used as a weapon against his own kind. Although he's desperate for freedom, he is unable to deny the burning desire drawing him to the incubus general he now calls Master.


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This was a monstrous story with tons of powerful characters, which all seem to revolve around Matthew Callahan. Matthew is a newish vampire that has no idea what being made prisoner to the High Lord General Tarrick will bring him. He is forced to fight in a war between the vampires and incubi that has been raging for centuries.


Matthew was forcibly brought to heel and trained to fight. At times, I was left wondering how he got out of situations he was put in, and I realized, like Tarrick, I had underestimated him. Matthew has a way with adapting to any situation. He is wicked smart, charming, and tremendously talented. He is also extremely deadly. 


We were just scratching the surface of the story surrounding Matthew at the end of Captive. Unfortunately for us, and him, the only people that could provide details about his life were keeping a very tight lip. It was beyond frustrating.


Jex Lane created a world that is dark, bloody, erotic and it sucked me in. It is heavy and disturbing, yet at times light with a smidge of sarcasm. The story flows brilliantly and the battle scenes are fucking epic. I was completely enthralled and wanted more.


Normally, I am not one who enjoys books involving capture and torture. But this book, won me over. It is completely different than any other vampire book I have read. At times, the subject matter is fucked up, but the characters and storyline had me hooked. I could not put it down and the ending had me logging into my Amazon account and buying the next book, Sire: Beautiful Monsters Volume II.


This book, like its title, held me Captive until the end.