Jake (Leaves of a Maple #2) by Haley Jenner

Jake Dean crushed any certainties I thought I had in life. He took my perfectly sculpted existance and tipped it upside down. I let him. I actually pushed him to do it, if I’m being honest, which isn’t something I overly pride myself on. 

Aubrey King was never supposed to be mine. I guess even now, she’s not. Not really. She made me question my character, my morals. But I go back. Every. Single. Time. I’m addicted to her. 

Our story is about faith. About taking the chance at love. Taking the leap against whatever doubts that may consume you, against whatever you may think is right. 

Our story is about overcoming self-doubt. Being true to yourself. It isn’t hearts and roses. We’ve made mistakes. Ones that others would never forgive us for. Some we might never forgive ourselves for. 

Our love has caused an immense amount of pain. Not just to one another. But to our loved ones. We’re good people. Or so we thought. 

We fell in love. Was it right? No. Will we survive our own decisions? Who knows. All we can be certain of is that through our own demons, through our mistakes, we have to have faith in what we share.

ellie's $0.02:

Haley Jenner is back with the second in the series and we have Jake.  Full of emotion, angst, and a pierced penis.  No shortage of detail here. 

Once again the HJ team killed my emotions with their soul-crushing style of writing.  The push and pull of Aubrey and Jake was shattering.  Each time one of them pulled, I felt like they were pulling off one of my fingernails with their emotions. It was raw and painful.  And I devoured every second of the pain.

Some of the characters did a chicken twistie on me that I wasn't expecting and I am still sitting here with my jaw on the floor seething.  This situation must be rectified and we must seek revenge on this in the next book.

No matter what I say in this review, it does not do these books justice.  These are hands down some of my favorite books in history.  Archer is still my favorite, but Jake is not far behind.

While this is a stand alone-ish, I feel like you miss so much by not having read Archer.  The layout, the foundation, and the setup to it all begins in Archer... the book, Archer, not in Archer himself.  I cannot wait to see what they do with Bennett's story next.  And if a certain character that shalt not be named redeems her/himself.

I believe in these two authors with every cell in my body (minus the vegemite).

About Haley Jenner:

A blonde. A brunette. A tea lover. A coffee addict. Two people. One pen name. We're pals, besties if you will, maybe even soulmates. Consider us the ultimate in split personality, exactly the same, but completely different. 

We’re first time novelists, but long time storytellers. We love a good laugh, a strong, dominating alpha, but most importantly, know that friendships, the fierce ones, are the key to lifelong sanity and fulfilment.