Because of Lila (Sea Breeze Meets Rosemary Beach #2) by Abbi Glines

Prim, proper, classic good girl, and her least favorite label - icy.

Lila Kate Carter has heard them all. The last one, being the newest. She is not icy. She just doesn’t care for Cruz Kerrington and his spoiled, selfish, careless ways. That doesn’t make her icy, that makes him a jerk!

Tired of being labeled and doing what is expected of her, Lila Kate leaves Rosemary Beach, Florida ready for an adventure. Wanting to recreate herself, find a new path, and become something more.

Eli Hardy is tired of women who always act the same, do the same thing and expect the same thing. He's ready to swear off women until he can get the rest of his life together.

Two weeks into his no-women-rule he meets Lila. She’s so damn sweet and polite. Like she walked right out of an etiquette book. But he’d already been drunk before she walked in so there was a good chance she might not be as stunning and perfect as he thinks. He’s just too drunk to worry about that.

The next morning, he swears he can still smell her on his skin. He just can’t remember why or what happened after that third dance.

Their worlds are about to collide, and so are the secrets and lies.

Pet’s $0.02

I’m not even sure where to start this review. I wanted to like this book. I wanted to like Lila, and Eli and…fuck, I’d even hoped for something to like about Cruz. I can’t say I like any of them, though out of the three Eli didn’t actually piss me off every time he made an appearance. But, I think I need to break this down because even though this wasn’t for me, doesn’t mean it didn’t have some bright moments. I believe in starting with the positive so if you decide I’m full of shit you at least get to the good stuff before you bag it and stop reading.

The parents we all fell in love with in Sea Breeze and Rosemary Beach make return appearances. Grant and Harlow, Woods and Della and even Rush and Blaire. Hell, even Kiro and Emily were there. Rosemary Beach was just as beautiful and Sea Breeze was just as fun and laid back. Reading about the families and their kids brought a sense of reality to a group of individuals that are frankly well above most of our social status’.  The story was fast paced and kept you hooked until the end.

….but I couldn’t find much I liked about Lila or Cruz and Eli just wasn’t strong enough to make that much of an impression on me one way or another.

Let’s start with Lila…because after all it’s all about Lila. This girl starts out incredibly timid. And in all honesty, I didn’t dislike her because of that. I had hoped she would grow out of it. But I felt like she went from timid to flighty to indecisive to just plain selfish. She never had to want for anything and was over-indulged by her parents. Her life was always easy and I don’t think she had the skills she needed to deal with the decisions she found that she now had to make. Sometimes you can’t make things work out the way you want them too just because you wish for them really hard. I know that sounds very Disney…but trust me, it will make sense when you read the book. I lost a lot of respect for her when he continued to chase after a man who didn’t appreciate her or her devotion to him.  I don’t, and probably never will understand the mind set of girls who chase after the men who treat them like shit. I just don’t get what I was supposed to like about her. To me, she reminded me of a spoiled child.

Cruz I kind of actively disliked. I can make some concessions for him because there was a lot of shit happened when he was a youth. Some of it could not be laid at his feet. But at some point a man has to take responsibility for how colossally he’s fucked up his own life and hurt those around him. He had no issue with how he lived his life, had no guilt over his total lack of morals until he got caught and then felt some remorse. But I still believe that Cruz didn’t want Lila until someone else wanted to play with his toy.

Eli, I actually kind of liked. He wasn’t perfect. He also had no idea of what he really wanted, but he was trying to figure that out and he wasn’t hurting anyone but himself while he worked on that. I’m not saying he was mistake free…he made his share. But of the three he was the one who had been worked over by not one, but two women and I just felt bad for his poor decision making in who he gave his heart to. He didn’t deserve to be treated as poorly as he was.

This was not a DNF for me but the resolution I had hoped and kept reading for never happened and I felt kind of cheated when all was said and done. This is one instance when the HEA couldn’t have happened to two less deserving people. You might feel differently, this is only my opinion and I encourage you to make up your own mind if you’re a Glines fan.