Sexy Beast (Single Dads Club #3) by Piper Rayne

It’s time.

Time to get a life.
Time to start over.
Time to move beyond the past.

The guys in the Single Dads Club would tell you it was time years ago, but until recently, the risk of hurting my little girl outweighed the benefit of getting a piece of ass.

Now that I have a tween daughter on my hands? It’s becoming more apparent with every poster hung on the wall, every fight over wearing make-up and every uncomfortable conversation about puberty, that at least one of us needs a female touch in our lives.

Jesus. I can’t even think the words ‘female touch’ without thinking of her.
Charlotte Rose. Charlie.

She’s everything I shouldn’t want, but someone needs to tell that to my damn libido because every time she’s around I have a constant case of blue balls.

There’s a list of reasons why I shouldn’t give into what I feel—she’s my best friend’s little sister, she’s seen me at my most vulnerable, and the biggest one—she’s the first person in twelve years who has the potential to break me.


ellie's $0.02:

Finally we have the story of broody, bearded Garrett.  I've been waiting and waiting and waiting to hear his story.  And it doesn't disappoint.  I just have to point out the cover photo is pretty much exactly how I've imagined Garrett to look like.  He's been this enigma in the series so far.  The broody, man-of-no-words.  My type of dude. 

Oh, yes... this is series, but don't worry, you can read Garrett alone.  He's soooo worth reading alone.  Or with Dane and Marcus.   But Garrett is my favorite, if you haven't picked up on that already.

You've read the synopsis so I won't recap.  That's lame.  At times I thought Charlie was too whiny and too available.  Too many games.  But the two of them worked and are just what each  needed.  And it ended up being totally swoony and cute.  But, again, out of all the characters, plots, etc. etc.  Garrett is the one for me.

Piper Rayne really hit stride on this one.  I feel like the characters were fully developed and getting into the groove.  Again, I could be biased because I'm such a Garrett freak.  He got me like whoa. Regardless, Piper is now on my perma to-read list.