Chasing Vivi by A.M. Hargrove

Vivi Renard—a blast from the past—wasn’t supposed to affect me like this.

When I knew her ten years ago she was nothing more to me than a highly functioning brain.

Hell, I paid her to do my homework.


Only now … she’s drop dead gorgeous but had the nerve to turn me down for a date … several times.

No one turns me—Prescott Beckham—down for anything.

I’m on a mission and won’t stop until I’m firmly planted between her thighs, hearing her moan my name.


Her plump red lips have me dreaming filthy things and acting like a kid with his first crush.

If I can’t have her, I don’t want anyone else to either.

What’s worse is I want to own every single bit of her.

Except there’s a slight problem.

Vivi can’t stand me.

Even the old let’s be friends again thing failed.

She tossed it back saying we were never friends to begin with.


But I’m the king at playing ruthless games.

So she’d better be ready to drop her thong, because Vivi is going to end up in my bed sooner … or later.

And I’m pretty damn sure it’s going to be sooner.

K3’s $0.02

In her younger years, Vivi was all brains. She was picked on by the popular kids. She didn’t come from much so if someone was willing to pay her to do their homework, she did.

Vivi is all grown up. She is still all brains but has also turned into a classic beauty. Graduating with a degree from MIT, she has a pick of the litter when it comes to an IT job. That is until she has to quit it all to care for her sick mother.

Once again she is struggling to make ends meet. After losing so much, she decides to start over in a new city. Now she lives in a crappy apartment, in a crime ridden area working for an a$$hole and very perverted man at a coffee shop. The last place she ever thought she would be working at.

She is a survivor, she learned early in life that the only person she can count on is herself and failure is not an option. She does what she does in order to survive.

Prescott Beckham seems to have it all. Looks, money and all things (including women) on a silver platter. Looks can be deceiving. You know that saying? Money doesn’t buy happiness? Well for Prescott this is true. He may have everything but he is miserable.

Prescott has created this bad boy, playboy image. In a way you can’t blame him when you meet his father. When he unexpectedly runs into Vivi at his favorite coffee shop, he is determined to make her his.

Vivi doesn’t trust men and definitely doesn’t trust them with her heart.

I enjoyed the pursuit. Vivi definitely gives Prescott a run for his money. I enjoyed watching him work hard for the chance with her. The push and pull was just right. The angst, excitement and blossoming friendship and love.

I also loved the ugly duckling aspect of things as well.  I loved that we got see a bit of Weston and Special.

A.M Hargrove has done another fantastic job in creating these wonderful characters.

I was hooked from beginning to the very end.