Sex Ed by Z.B. Heller

Jaxson Dane is harboring a secret.

Not the fact that he’s a geeky comic book lover, or that he secretly draws his own comic, Bunny Fu Ninja Warrior. It’s not even classified information that he’s out and proud!

His secret is the shame that he’s a twenty-three-year-old virgin.

Jaxson isn’t waiting for marriage or even afraid of taking that step, he just hasn’t found the one guy who will accept all of his adorkable qualities. Due to an unfortunate mishap with a self-pleasuring apparatus and his favorite appendage, Jaxson meets Tyler Mason. The emerald-green-eyed nurse is a witness to the mortifying incident, leaving Jaxon both grateful and disappointed in their one-time meeting.

And then Tyler somehow shows up at Jaxon’s family dinner.

The very dinner at which Jaxson’s hidden virginity is revealed to everyone, including the captivating nurse.

Even though he secretly found the ER situation hilarious, Tyler is also able to look past it to see Jaxson’s genuine nature and is drawn to the charming and hapless comic book artist. He’s tempted to pursue the inexperienced Jaxson, but a recent and life-altering decision puts a damper on his wants and desires. However, the more time they spent together, the more willing he is to take the risk of juggling his new commitments and winning Jaxon’s affections.

A large, insane, and meddlesome family, two prying co-workers, and a sexy nurse are all trying to give Jaxson a crash course in Sex Ed. Will he pass?

Pet’s $0.02

This is going right to the top of one of my favorite reads in 2017!

The description of Jaxson’s comic book character Bunny Fu Ninja Warrior fighting everything Taco Bell has to offer is worth the price of the book alone.

Jaxson is a comic book nerd of the highest order. He draws his own comic, he works at a comic book store and his wardrobe consists of every superhero known to man. He’s also adorable. There is nothing hotter than a sexy nerd in my opinion. And Tyler definitely notices his hotness. It’s not the optimal way to be noticed, but it definitely makes an impression.

Tyler is perfect for Jaxson. He’s patient with Jaxson’s inexperience, he fits in with Jaxson’s crazy family and he supports Jaxson’s dreams. He’s pretty much the perfect boyfriend.

I had no idea there were so many books that came before this one that cover Jaxson’s family. That group is nuts and hilarious. I almost enjoyed the scenes where the family was involved more than the one on one time between Jaxson and Tyler. Everyone has family that will embarrass the hell out of them in front of someone they’re interested in but this group is stellar at it. Every time the family was involved I found myself laughing out loud. When the “Uncles” decide it’s time to have “the sex talk” with Jaxson I about wet myself. I’ve heard of using fruit to give sex tutorials, although I’ve never actually seen it done, and this scene did not disappoint. I may never look at a banana or watermelon, or a fucking gherkin in the same way again.