Roommates with Benefits by Nicole Williams

Soren Decker. He’s the epitome of the “bad boy, good man” persona. The best of both worlds. The worst of them too. He’s the type of guy most girls wouldn’t mind sharing a confined space with, except my new roommate isn’t all swagger and chiseled abs. 

He’s bossy. Messy. Cocky. Infuriating. Doesn’t believe in personal space. Has no qualms about roaming the apartment with a loincloth-sized towel cinched around his waist. Seems under the delusion he’s my personal protector (refer back to infuriating). He plays college baseball and holds down a part-time job—I don’t know where he finds the time to get on my nerves. 

We have nothing in common . . . except our attraction to one another. And in six hundred square feet of shared space, the tension only has so much room to grow before one of us gives in to temptation. But really, what chance do a couple of young kids chasing their dreams in the big city have of making it?

Since Soren claims I know squat about sports (he might have a semi-point), here’s a stat for him—one in a million. That’s our odds.


K3’s $0.02:

Hayden is a small town girl moving to the big city. Landing a huge modeling contract in NY City, her dreams are slowly coming true. The modeling gig is just a stepping stone to her ultimate goal of becoming a designer.

When she arrives at her apartment, it isn’t at all what she expected nor is her roommate.

Shocked at what she has committed too, she doesn’t know whether to cry or to hit Soren. They seem to work things out and are able to communicate just fine.

Soren Decker. He is handsome, he is smart, he wears his heart on his sleeve and he is a college baseball player. His goal is getting drafted to the big league.

Hayden can’t help but be judgmental, she is also stubborn and in a sense naïve when it comes to her agent and the city.

They are young adults with huge dreams and together they are able to navigate their crazy lives. Being roommates has its ups and downs.

Hayden tries desperately to not be affected by Soren’s scent and body. Soren is desperately trying to get Hayden to admit her feelings for him are “more” than just friendship.

Soren completely won my heart with his protectiveness over Hayden as well as his model humor.

I enjoyed watching Hayden struggle but I loved how together they were able to find a balance despite the road blocks.

Nicole Williams has a knack when it comes to stories featuring YA. Fighting for what you want, learning who to navigate through life and the lessons taught along the way. The angst, overcoming fears and discovering friendships and love.

I adored every second of this book.