Timothy (Timothy #1) by Mark Tufo

Timothy was not a good man in life and being undead did little to improve his disposition. Find out what a man trapped in his own mind will do to survive when he wakes up to find himself a zombie controlled by a self-aware virus.

Pet’s $0.02


Timothy takes Mark Tufo’s Zombie Fallout series and turns up the blood, gore and the visceral carnage up to 11, tears the knob and makes you eat it…and all from the Zombie’s perspective.

I cannot describe how reprehensible Timothy is and you WILL NOT like him unless there is something seriously twisted in you.

That being said, it’s so well written, it’s impossible to put down unless you stumble over a hard limit.

Okay…ready?  Let’s go!

Pet’s $0.02

Timothy is a horrible human being…. violent, arrogant, disgusting and oh yeah….he’s a clown.

Literally a clown.


He’s a mountain of a man…run across him as human and you’re fucked. Meet him once he’s turned and you’re food. The best you can hope for is that your end comes quickly.

I figured with the upcoming reboot of other clown related books and movies it was a no-brainer to dive into the sordid and horrific adventures of Timothy.

He’s also one of the most sadistic, manipulative characters I’ve ever read. That being said….Tim is fucking funny. The conversations that Timothy and “Hugh” have in his head are the stuff of nightmares and tragedies that make you cringe and hate yourself for finding any humor in them at all. And yet, you’ll find yourself chuckling to yourself….shame on you...me…whatever, you get it.

I am ashamed of myself for liking this as much as I did… I’m a flawed individual.

The descriptions are visceral and may make you gag. You’ll get a front row seat to the zombie apocalypse from the zombie’s point of view and it’s not kind or pretty…it’s downright gross.  And the stupidity of the survivors will have you wondering how any humans survive at all.

Don’t think you’re ready for Timothy? I don’t blame you…. maybe try the Zombie Fallout series first.

Desensitization is key…