With These Hands (A College Obsession Romance #3) by Daryl Banner

I want to put my hands all over her body.
But they’re too busy writing my fantasy instead of living it.
I’m so used to spinning love stories in my head that I’ve lost track of the one in my heart.
Doesn’t she see that my strength begins and ends within the four corners of the page?
I may be a writer, but with her, I’m a romantic. I want to pin her against every wall on this campus and devour her – lips to lips, skin to skin, hand to hand. I want to feel her heart race against mine and her body quake under my touch.
I’m finished being a loveless prisoner to the page.
Now I want the real thing – and I think she’s it.

~ SAM ~
Everyone thinks I’m just a weirdo, the quiet girl, the music nerd. No one sees me for who I really am – except him.
He watches me with those dark, sensitive eyes of his, melting me. He knows my pain. Maybe he shares it. He brushes the hair out of my eyes with his soft, skillful hand and it drives me insane. I think he’s the music I’ve been looking for all along. You can’t make harmony with just one voice. I need another – and I want it to be his.

Pet’s $0.02

This was a hard book to read….in the best way possible.

I have loved Dmitri and Sam since book one. Dmitri just seamlessly fit in with Clayton and Brant. He has his own brand of style that makes him stand out from the crowd and he’s one of the few that can sign with Clayton. Sam was always the odd girl who just kind of hovered in the background and you didn’t think about too deeply. I loved that her expression never gave away her innermost feelings and you often had to guess what was going on in her head. You have no idea how much these two have going in their own lives separate from the group and those things are why books like this make my heart hurt. You can see why these two are perfect together and that they can’t just seems so wrong.

I love the way that Daryl has broken up the flow of this book. Each year in college is a new year of experiences and change how Dmitri and Sam interact. It gives you a sense of how much time has passed and shows you just how close two people can be, physically and socially, and still be worlds apart.

I hated every single time that someone or something came between the two. There were characters that I really didn’t think about much, Tomas, and characters that I actively disliked, Riley. I was offended for both Dmitri and Sam in the way they were marginalized for who they were or how they felt. And I was thrilled that neither of them tried to change to fit others assumptions of how they should act, behave…or be…

This is a great series with people who will live way past the time it takes you to read the books. Their backgrounds and experiences are varied and fresh and I can only hope that at some time Daryl expands on this series.