Alexandria (Spin It, #1) by Angera Allen

The Women of Spin It, Inc.
Working for Lucas “Luc” Mancini’s record label is not for the faint of heart. Their lives are fast paced and filled will music, mayhem and hot men.

Spin It:Book One

Alexandria “Alex” Mancini was isolated and protected by her father for five years since a tragic event. Alex’s life is consumed by music, bodyguards, secrets, and people telling her no, but that all changes when she comes back from Europe after a year of freedom, to work at the label in New York City.

Obstacles are thrown at her from every direction along with ghosts from her past, threatening to throw her into a tailspin and force her back into a life of seclusion.

Who will she turn too…
Who is her friend…
Who is her enemy…
But ultimately, who wins her heart…

Pet’s $0.02

I’m a big fan of the rocker genre. And even though this isn’t strictly a rocker book I figured it was close enough that I would dig right into it. Yes…and no. I have to say that this book was a little hard for me to get into. I can’t even really point to a definite reason why.

This book centers around up and coming and already famous DJ’s. Alexandria is the beloved and pampered daughter of a famous DJ who is also a music mogul and pretty powerful in the music industry. She has a pretty tragic past, being the victim of a sexual assault at a young age, by someone who has never been caught. Alex’s also just recently decided she’s ready to re-enter the music scene and begin managing some of the up and coming DJ’s her father is promoting. Unfortunately, she has to return to New York, where the attack occurred to so this. And that is where I’m going to stop with the background. I don’t want to give anything away.

Allen does a pretty good job of building the tension after Alex returns to New York. She gives you just enough possible culprits that you can’t be sure of any of them. From the nerdy best friend to the smarmy co-worker to the new and famous DJ in her life. All of them are a possibility and nothing clearly points to any of them. Alexandria is not an unlikeable character. Some of the things she does annoy the hell out of me, but nothing that makes me actively dislike her. For example, for someone who still carries around major baggage from her assault, some of her internal dialogue regarding the men in her life seemed off.

Enter Maddox… A pretty famous DJ who is obviously obsessed with Alex. You first meet him when he’s semi-stalking Alex at a club in Spain. And even though the stalking is borderline creepy, I liked him. Kind of. He was good to Alex. He seems to do everything he can to keep her safe. But, again…for someone who still had trouble around men, his possessiveness didn’t seem like something that Alex would be comfortable with.

Alexandria has a lot to recommend it. A pretty well crafted mystery. A wide and varied cast of characters and a plot that moves along pretty quickly. The writing is well done and gets smoother as the story progresses. It’s a little stilted in places, but not enough that it ruined the story. It’s a good first book and there are a few of the characters that I’d like to find out what happens to so I’ll definitely be looking for any upcoming releases by this author.