Twenty-Two (Assassins #11.5) by Toni Aleo

When Lucas Brooks was traded to the Nashville Assassins over a decade ago, he was a brash, brawling hothead without an anchor.

Well, four kids and a smokin' hot wife will weigh you down real fast, but Lucas wouldn't change a minute of his happily ever after.

During an epic, end-of-season quest for the Cup, changes appear on the horizon, and suddenly, there's a plot twist in Lucas's fairy tale.

Pet’s $0.02

This was a fun visit to all of our favorite Assassins and their families. It was a lot shorter than I thought it would be but that didn’t take away from the story.

This book will take you through just about every emotion. Lucas and Fallon have built a beautiful life together. The kids keep them busy and Lucas is starting to feel the effects the hard play that he puts his body through every day. He finds he’s not bouncing back as quickly after each game. And even though the book centers around Lucas and Fallon, it’s not limited to just their story.

Lucas isn’t the only one who’s feeling his age. All the characters we’ve come to love in the original lineup are all getting older and some hard choices are going to have to be made. Some will surprise you and some you may see coming.

This book is a good transition from the world of the Assassins we know to a whole new lineup.