Twisted Death (A Twisted Fairytale book 2) by Ace Gray

What happens after the whole world goes dark?

****This book contains graphic sex, extreme violence, uncomfortable and dark sexual encounters as well as M/M/F, M/M and F/F sexual relationships. It's intended for mature audiences, interested in dark and twisted reads, over 18 only****

ellie's $0.02:

This is the second book in the Twisted Fairytale series... yeah, you do need to read the first one to read this one.  Let me rephrase that, as I can't force you to do anything.  You will need to read the first in the series to fully understand and engage in this second in the series.  Better?

The series is aptly named for what they are... twisted fairytales.  I was able to connect with the characters more on this one... not their world, just them themselves.  Because my world is not a twisted fairytale, so you know... Ace did an amazing job of fully getting the character vibes down.

This one is dark, emotional, twisted, and tormenting.  Enjoyable every step of the way is what that translates to.  Can't really give you more without spoiling the deets on this.

This one is no less chilling, twisty and dark as the first, but I feel that Ace hit a prime writing stride on this one and I dare say this was better than the first.