Saint by Aubrey Irons

I'm supposed to take her life. I'm going to take her body instead.

They call me a Saint, but I’m a f*cking sinner.

Ruthless. Coldhearted. Killer. I was young when my parents took off and left me alone to fend for my two younger brothers. I learned to survive. I learned to fix problems, by any means necessary.

Which is exactly what I do for the Dark Saints - the Irish crime family that raised me as their own. I make the secrets stay in the shadows. I make the bodies disappear. I make the problems go away. I owe them that much. 

That is, until she walks in and sees me with a smoking gun in my fist and blood on my hands.

Sierra Hammond - the kind of good girl who wants to pretend she’s bad by hanging out in the rough parts of town. But this time, she stepped into the wrong bar and ran into the wrongman.

I know the rules, and I know letting her walk out of there alive breaks every single one of them. But one look into those big brown eyes, and one touch of those sweet curves writhing and fighting against me, and I know I’m done.

I’ll start a war.

I’ll break every vow.

I’ll move heaven and hell to make her mine.

F*ck the rules, I’m taking her instead.

Note: Saint is a standalone novel with a HEA and NO CLIFFHANGER!


ellie's $0.02:

Let's just say I have a girl crush on author Aubrey Irons.  I haven't read a thing yet by this gal that I'm not in lurve with.  She is quietly, understated, magical talent.  I absorb every word of her brilliantly worded plots and characters.  Aside from crushing on her, I have fallen in lurve with every single one of her characters she has brought to life.

The characters are strong.  They are delicate.  They are alpha.  They are weak.  They are real.

This one is the perfect balance of violence and tension with the sexual romance and tension (different kind of tension) blended together.  

I will always recommend these reads.  I will always recommend Aubrey Irons.