I Don't by Ella Fox


Whatever you want to call it, the bride-to-be won’t be at the church on time.

Walking away from her fiancé was the hardest thing Ava has ever done. After all, the sexy and charming Mateo is everything she's ever wanted—and more. But she needs to protect herself—and her heart—before it’s shattered once and for all. 

Mateo has no choice but to let her go. His woman needs space, and he loves her enough to give it to her—no matter how much he hates it. The only thing keeping him sane is the certainty that their separation will be short-lived.

Ava thinks it’s over, but she’s about to find out that Mateo will stop at nothing to turn her “I Don’t” into an “I Do.”

ellie's $0.02:

Sometimes amazing accidents/surprises fall into my lap.  And I usually hate surprises.  I Don't fell in my lap unexpectedly and I definitely am not hating.

This one is told in the present and present and past and past and present... but not future.  We start with the present with a flare of Mateo that I wasn't sure where this book was headed and why he was being such an alpha douche.  Well.  With the brilliant foreshadowing.  Maybe exceptional eye shadowing too, but I'm not sure. The story begins to unfold.

The build-up and the anticipation leading to the beginning of the story was on par.  (That's the right term, right?). It was perfect.  The pattern, the timing, the pace of Mateo and Ava is well.... just perfect.  I super enjoyed these characters, this plot, this style.   

I loved, adored, and had so many visuals of Mateo in my head, it was kind of pathetic.  This was my first Ella Fox read and I was completely sold.  I  will DEFINITELY be back for more.