Existential by Max Henry

How much suffering can a man withstand before he finally breaks? A question I used to ask myself often. Now I know the answer.

As president of the Fallen Aces MC Fort Worth chapter, I’m looked to for guidance in times of crisis. I’m expected to set personal grievances aside and lead by example. Yet how can I do that when those grievances robbed me of my family, my life? My reason to be at the head of the table?

My father: murdered. My baby sister: killed the same day. And my other sister? A mystery. I’m drowning in my desolation and yet nobody seems to care. Or maybe it’s the fact I won’t let them close enough to help? Either way, my losses are my own, and I’ll deal with them the only way I know how—by punishing myself.

I’ve got it all figured out, at least, I thought I did. Until one woman, a traveller passing by, unravels the master plan. I see it in her eyes, the same distance, the same feeling that she doesn’t belong—that her time here is wasted.

One woman who mirrors me in every way, and suddenly I find a reason to hold off the reaper a little longer. A reason to stay at the head of the table. A reason to show those who’ve hurt me that, although they brought the beast to its knees, I won’t lay down to die without a fight.

ellie's $0.02:

A spectacled bad ass biker.  Need I say more?   That is brilliant.  Seriously brilliant.  I imagine this nerdy, hot, bad ass biker.  Big black rimmed glasses.  Shit.  I'm drooling again. 

So Max Henry grabbed my attention with that one.  But kept it with this awesome story of the MC prez being human and like falling in love and stuff while being all bad ass and alpha and shit. 

Max Henry did an amazing job of understated sex scenes while getting the point across and leaving in the morbid and gritty details of an MC world. 

I was not new to the series but could absolutely be read as a stand alone and be just as entertaining (maybe more), as the last one in the series didn't do it for me like this one.  


Existential won me over as a lifetime Max Henry fan (not to be confused with "Lifetime" tv channel because this book would definitely not fit that).

I like nerdy hot bad ass motorcycle dudes.