Truly, Madly, Whiskey by Melissa Foster

Watch mysteriously sexy Bear Whiskey claw his way to his happily ever after with sassy, rebellious Crystal Moon.

Eight months is a long damn time to have the hots for a woman who keeps a guy at arm's length. But Crystal Moon is no ordinary woman. She's a sinfully sexy, sass-mouthed badass, and the subject of Bear Whiskey's midnight fantasies. She's also one of his closest friends.

Just when Crystal thinks she has her life under control, scorching-hot, possessive, aggressive, and fiercely loyal Bear pushes all her sexual buttons, relentless in his pursuit to make her his.

The more Bear pushes, the hotter their passion burns, unearthing memories for Crystal that are best kept buried. But there's no stopping the collision of her past and present, catapulting the two lovers down an emotionally charged road that has them questioning all they thought they knew about themselves.

Pet’s $0.02

I picked this book up because it was a continuation from Tru Blue. And I loved Bear when I met him in Tru and Gemma’s story. Crystal seemed cool, but she didn’t make as much of an impact as Bear had.

I keep wanting to call this book MC light. Yes, the Whiskey’s are part of an MC and yes, they still have motorcycles, a bar they own and “church,” but if you’re looking for anything more from an MC, you’re not going to find it in this book. That’s not saying it’s bad. Just that it barely touches on those aspects.

Bear is the youngest boy in the Whiskey family and part owner of the Whiskey’s family owned bar. He also works his ass off at the family’s automotive shop…the man is busy. He does it because that’s what you do for family, you step in and work when needed to make sure your family is successful. He never questioned that before. Until he meets Crystal. Bear is in for the fight of his life with her. She is not ready for a relationship and Bear is definitely a hands on kind of guy who doesn’t take a quick no for an answer. He is all things patient, kind and protective. And he needs every bit of all those traits when dealing with Crystal.

Crystal is a master at deflection. She’s reinvented herself a number of times and she’s hiding from Bear and her friends big time. She just doesn’t know how to go after what she wants, and there is not a doubt that she wants Bear. When he finally makes a move, she finds courage she never knew she had to allow herself a relationship with him.  I liked that she made up her mind to go after Bear and reinvented herself all over again while also owning up to some pretty big deceptions and secrets she’s been feeding her friends.

This book has some pretty serious side stories going on outside of the relationship between Bear and Crystal. Crystal’s background is not pretty and her family is broken. Bear’s family is rigid in how they interact, he’s got a girlfriend that has asked him to go against every protective bone in his body and he has to make some fairly life changing decisions in a short amount of time. Regardless, the story stays lighthearted and hopeful. But, I never really felt the drama that I think this story needs. If you want a good story with likeable characters that will reaffirm you belief in happy endings, this is a good book to curl up with.