The Brave Line by Kate Stewart

She is a five foot seven long list of things he can’t have.

He is a determined cop, desperate to keep his heart sealed behind his badge.

Michelle is a survivor. With a fresh perspective on life, she trades her tragic past in California for the coastal waters of Charleston. Fueled by a new career as a dispatcher, she’s determined not to let her scars weigh her down. She apologizes for nothing, especially her insatiable need for a certain police officer.

Rowdy is a newly minted sergeant dedicated to his job, but the life of a Charleston police officer has never been more dangerous. With his need to take order of a city spiraling out of control, the last thing he wants is an entanglement with a mouthy dispatcher. But, there’s just one problem. He can’t get enough of her.

As the heat rises between the unlikely pair, so does the tension.

Three months of summer was all it took to shake their foundations, rattle their walls, and bring them crashing down.

It was lust.

It was love.

It was real.

And it would have been perfect . . . if it wasn't already over.

Note to reader:
This book has several elements and explores topics that some may consider triggers. For mature audiences only. Explicit sex, violence and language.


K3’s $0.02

Just like sports romances, I am a sucker for cop romances.

Rowdy, hmm, what can I say about him. He is good at his job, passionate about it. Being a cop isn’t the easiest job in the world, in fact, it is a thankless job but very honorable. He has seen the good and sees the bad more often than not. He has also lost a friend to the job. He has made a pact to himself to never put himself out there. Love might be great but losing that love is something that is hart to recover from, if you can recover from it. He has no intention of putting a woman through that kind of pain. He knows in his line of work, tomorrow isn’t a promise. Rowdy does what he does. No strings attached sex and he never dips his stick with those he works with.

Michelle, I adored this woman. I laughed out loud immediately because she is doing her best to avoid saying the F word. HILARIOUS. This combat boot wearing woman is kind of amazing. Not only is she is beautiful, determined and smart, she is a survivor. She is also happens to be a dispatcher for the very same department Rowdy works for. Her friend April knows how long she has longed for him. She has on several occasions warned her that Rowdy doesn’t do relationships. He is a one and done kind of guy. Being his BFF, she knows him all to well. Michelle doesn’t care, he stars in all of her fantasies. All she  wants right now is sex, just good ol’fashion sex and a mind blowing O. It has been awhile since a man has touched her.  When an opportunity to be a co-workers bachelor party presents itself, she leaps at the opportunity. It is the answer she needs to her prayers.

Let’s just say, their chemistry is off the charts and when she flees, he is in hot pursuit.

Rowdy crosses a line he has never crossed before and the feelings that Michelle brings out of him down right scare him.

Michelle’s past is amazing yet devastating. It is also one the nearly killed her and when the truth comes out, Rowdy isn’t sure how to handle it. Their journey together isn’t a smooth one. The problems of their past help guide their future. Michelle isn’t one to take shit from anybody and when Rowdy crosses that line, he realizes he may have lost the only woman he has ever loved.

I love that sometimes two broken pieces can come together to make something beautiful and whole again. Their friendship is a unique one. They understand each other’s jobs, the good, the bad and the ugly. They are also the light to each other’s dark.

Kate did a great job with the cop lingo. She did an amazing job of bringing to light the daily fears of being a cop and a dispatcher. Having several friends in law enforcement, I appreciated the honesty of the issues and the hatred that these men and women face on a daily basis, everywhere.

I enjoyed every single second of this story. It was heartbreaking, angsty, a little bit scary but oh so beautiful.