Say It Again by S. Moose

People always leave. 

After graduating from college, Cameron Pratt’s spending the summer with her best friend, Grace Shea. There’s only one problem. Her brother, Jacob, will be there too.

Jacob Shea. Only one word describes him. Douchebag. 

His touch doesn’t make her body tremble.

His eyes don’t see her heart.

He’s nothing to her and she wants nothing to do with him. 

When Jacob finds out Cameron’s in town, he’s doing everything he can to win back her trust and make her see how good they’ll be together. 

Will Jacob be able to open Cameron’s eyes, or will the walls around her heart be too high and unbreakable?

ellie's $0.02:

Misunderstanding and mishaps galore.  Wow.

Sometimes the stories of miscommunications drive me a little bonkers.  A simple little, "Hey I had to bolt for this reason..." solves so many problems.  And bolt, I mean like... run away.  Not nuts and bolts.  That would be weird.  But then again, we wouldn't have a story or be human if we did that, huh?

S. Moose spins a super fast paced tale of Jacob and Cameron about their second shot at love and all the breakdowns and fuckups in between.  This is entertaining and frustrating and heartbreaking, and one of those where you want to reach into the book and strangle a character and ask "Why didn't you?"