Co-Wrecker by Meghan Quinn

What do ice cream and Sadie Montgomery have in common? They're both ice cold, but one taste is never enough.

I wanted to be friends — I would have even settled for her seeing me as anything but a nerd — but there was no getting through. So just like any hard-headed, red-blooded man out there, I made up my mind.

I’d make my coworker fall for me.

I’d like to say it was simple, but like every other epic love story, all it took was one drunken night and a lot of naked courage to get the girl. For a moment, at least.

Love with a coworker is never simple, especially since Sadie’s trying to keep us on the low. Not to mention her persistent ex-boyfriend who won’t leave her alone. But I’ve never been good at giving up, and I don’t plan to start now.

The whole thing is a recipe for a rocky road, but I plan to eat the whole gallon, no matter how bad the brain freeze.


Pet & K3’s $0.02

Pet: Dear Penthouse, “…Suddenly, I found myself living in a home with five women…”  

I’m paraphrasing… but that’s the first thing I thought of when you learn about Andrew’s new living arrangements. I’m not sure what that says about me, but that’s where we kicked off this ride.

K3: Let’s not forget about “Sugar Britches, Little Andy and Sturdy Tits”. I completely agree with you. So many laugh out loud moments.

Pet: Seriously, this book is laugh out loud from page one. But, Quinn’s sneaky. She places these little emotional landmines… you just skip along, funny, funny, funny….then…oh, fuck! No warning, just slapped up side the head by seriousness.

K3: Right? One minute you’re laughing then the next boom! I liked that, it totally worked. I felt it was a good balance of funny and seriousness.

Pet: I personally think Andrew was the best thing to ever happen to Sadie. And she fought that shit from the word go. I also learned that I may have a thing for math nerds, because Andrew did it for me. He was hot, quirky, attentive, understanding and funny as fuck! There is a scene in this book…the first date scene…that has to be the best first date I think I’ve ever read. It’s easy and sweet and tells you a lot about Andrew and Sadie. Andrew is constantly putting himself out there trying to connect with Sadie and she’s batting every attempt right back at him. I really expected the emotional roller-coaster to come from Andrew and what he referred to as his ‘ordeal’ that caused him to abandon his prior college. But Sadie was the issue…

K3: Andrew is my dream guy. Seriously, I love a man in glasses. There is just something about a guy in specs that is a huge turn on. Not to mention how smart he is. I like that his awkwardness worked for him.  His passion for school and his obsession with people having to like him.  He is a gentleman, goofy, can be a douche but not overly douchey. He is well rounded, geeky adonis.

Man, Sadie was a bitch from the get go. She fought tooth and nail when it came to anything Andrew. I loved how patient, open and honest he was with her and I totally agree with you Pet, BEST FIRST DATE EVER! Oh, and because you know my obsession with bats (that is what we will call it)… I will just say CANNON and leave it at that. I don’t want to spoil anything.

I have to be honest, Sadie was a tough pill for me to swallow at first. I did love her quick wit and her amazing ability to stretch the truth. I felt that she caused a lot of her own grief and for her being so smart, she didn’t make the best choices. I wanted a tad bit more detail about her past, her mom especially, I wanted to feel the hurt and pain she went through. She set herself up for a difficult journey but a necessary one, which in the end was a good thing for her and in the end, she redeemed herself a little bit in my eyes.

Pet: The rest of the gang was just as important to the story.  I wanted to dislike Tucker, Sadie’s ex…I really did. But, then Quinn gut punches you with a nice little trip down memory lane between Tucker and Sadie… and fuck, that was rough! I could not dislike Tucker after learning more about their history. I do think a lot of Tucker and Sadie’s issues could also be placed squarely on her.  But it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

K3: Yes, I wasn’t sure about Tucker but from the get go, I had a feeling it was mostly Sadie. I admit, I got a bit teary eyed when they had their talk. Tucker ended up being completely opposite of what I initially thought about him. He is a good and honorable man. My heart broke for him but I was also happy for him as well. Does that make sense?

PET: We can’t forget about Andrew’s brother Jimmy. He cracked me up. I think I may have peed a little bit when I read his scene with his girlfriend Mae toward the end of the story. Also, his mother’s love for wood!

Pet:  I just about pissed myself laughing at Katja and Leena.

K3: OMG, Andrew’s roommates are THE BOMB! I would love to be in a house with them for a week. I wouldn’t even need a tv. It would be 100% pure, live entertainment.

Pet: Meghan Quinn has a new fan for life.

K3: Yay!! I am so glad that you liked  her. Meghan is definitely a favorite author of mine. I love all of her books. She is amazing and so freaking talented. So for all your readers out there- Her books are a must read!


Pet: I want to leave you with a few things that I learned from this book:

Never allow someone to snapchat your junk.

K3: Agreed! People really shouldn’t be snapping pics of their junk on any social media platform (I guess it is okay if that is what you do for a living) but  remember, it is in cyberspace FOREVER! (Your kids, kids, kids, kids and friends are going to see it)

Pet: Sugar free vanilla ice cream has multiple uses and inspires deep devotion.

K3: *Sighsabouttheicecreamwhilefanningselfoff*

Pet: Grapefruit should never be used in sports.


Pet: Now let’s make with the sex…