His to Seduce (Fireside #4) by Stacey Lynn

Becoming an ER doctor had been David McGregor’s mission ever since he could remember. But after tragedy strikes at his hospital in Chicago, David runs away from the guilt—all the way back to Latham Hills, Michigan, where he takes a job tending bar at his childhood friend’s restaurant. That’s how he meets Camden Reed, and the way Camden refuses to give him the time of day should be a turnoff. Instead, he’s drawn to her tough, tightly wound exterior, and soon David realizes that he has a new mission: to see her tightly wound beneath him.


Camden’s fighting tooth and nail to resist the desire she feels for David. Growing up dirt-poor, raised by a single mother, she worked twice as hard to get where she is today, and she doesn’t have any patience for the kind of guy who’d give up a decent paycheck to sling drinks. But when the sexual tension finally combusts between the sheets, Camden discovers that people aren’t always what they seem. As David pushes her past her limits, Camden begins to loosen up—and to trust that, when she falls, there will be someone waiting to catch her.


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K3’s $0.02

You know that saying, never judge a book by it cover? This fits perfectly for Camden.

Enjoying her friend’s destination wedding, there is something about being on a tropical island. She finally gives into David McGregor’s advances. He also happens to be a bartender Fireside grill, a place she frequents with her best friends back home. He is all wrong for her but in the heat of the moment, she could care less. A weekend of no strings attached sex is just what she needs.

David McGregor isn’t really who he seems. He has admired and watched the beautiful, stiff and closed off Camden for months. He can’t get her off of his mind and he is going to do everything he can to win her heart.

I admired Camden for being a survivor but I also felt heartache for her because she isn’t really living. She is all about order and control. She works hard for her money and likes her little group of friends. The walls she has built around not only her heart but her emotions and herself are tighter than Fort Knox.

I loved that David was able to break down her walls almost effortlessly. Yeah she kept some things to herself but she opened herself up to the possibility. I loved how David wormed his way into her heart. It left her confused and scared but it also opened her eyes to the things she closed herself off to.

I am not saying David is a saint. He has secrets too and his are just as heartbreaking.

At times, I felt Camden was a bit too harsh and I really wanted to smack her. You can’t call someone out on being dishonest when you are doing the very same thing.

The patience David has for her is amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I see why she was the way she was but still, she shouldn’t have judged David because of another’s actions, especially when all he ever did was care for her, protect her and encourage her to open herself up to him. He never gave her a reason to feel as if he would take off on her. He made it pretty clear that he would be there for her no matter what.

The other thing I love about David was that he understood what she needed and he gave her that space to deal with it but still loving her from afar.

Sometimes it takes that certain someone to open your eyes to the possibilities. David was the miracle for her and though it was a rough road for her, she finally found her way back to him.

Such a sweet and sexy and heartfelt story.