The Tesla Brothers: Buteo’s Story (Book 1) by Angela March

Only now have I begun to understand my inner demons. I’m a jerk to all that know me, dark, brooding, with a silent rage burning inside. Loyal, fierce and prideful to those closest to me. They call me their protector. I found love by happenstance, then, one day that love vanished. No ‘Dear John letter’, she just vanished without a trace. Was it because of my hot-headedness and my need for structure and order in my life? That incident caused me to reevaluate my ways. When a fiery redhead walks into my life by the name of Paige Defoor, she solidified my need to be a better man. When my life has a sudden twist, she let me go, giving up our happiness and possibly our future in order for me to correct the mistakes of my past.


We’ve been called savages and heathens our entire existence shoved to the side and openly judged within this great country of ours. I was born into two cultures, one heavily steeped in heritage from my elders and beliefs passed down through the generations, and one modern and new. I am Buteo Redmane Tesla, a proud half-blooded Native American, and this is my story.


DD’s $0.02


Paige Defoor is new to town and is currently renting a small home close to her new job at the college. Her landlord is Buteo Redmane Tesla. A gorgeous Native American man that has a knack for getting under her skin. 


Buteo "Teo" Redman Tesla is the eldest of the three Tesla Brothers. He works extremely hard to take care of his family. He is arrogant, aggressive and yet has the biggest heart where his tribe and the reservation are concerned.


From early on, the dialogue between Paige and Teo gave me whiplash. They were constantly switching from hot to cold. In one minute Teo is pissing off Paige and the next minute Paige is giving major attitude to Teo. At times, it was hard to keep up with.


Paige is bit immature and has no idea how to handle a man like Teo.


Teo’s aggressive nature is difficult to take, especially for someone like Paige.


I believe Paige and Teo’s problems arise from their lack of communication. It was so irritating and I wanted to shake the shit out of them. I liked watching them grow and learn to sacrifice their pride where each other are concerned.


There are a lot characters and multiple storylines happening simultaneously, which makes the book a bit jumpy. It really started to pick up at the halfway point and I found myself really enjoying the book and wanting to know what was coming next. I was not expecting the turn it took and the ending was surprising. I’m hoping we get more Paige and Teo in The Tesla Brothers: Osprey's Story, Book Two.