Another Day in Paradise – Part 2

     “What’d I miss?” Eradication asks, mumbling around the mouthful of food. “Fuck!” she says, noticing the glop of red grease and fake cheese hanging on the concert tee shirt and smearing it into the fabric with her stained napkin.

     “You bitch!” Desolation shrieks, temporarily forgetting about Keening and further enraged by the desecration of her shirt.

     “I told you I didn’t have it!” Keening shouts, tightening her grip on the table leg and pointing it at Eradication. “She does!”

     “Oh shit,” Hellbound says to Pandemic.

     “What did you call me?” Eradication asks Desolation, catching the heavy, iron scent of fresh blood in the air as her eyes begin to dilate.

     “You heard me!” Desolation replies. “You’ve ruined it!” she says, advancing on Eradication with her canines extended. “Take it off,” she growls.

     “Fuck you!” Eradication snarls, a thick sweat beginning to form on her brow as her eyes turn a solid black. Her chest rises and falls with great breathes of air as her shoulders start to broaden slightly and she gains a few inches in height.

     “This is your fault,” Keening seethes, stepping next to Desolation with her bloody talons still exposed as she jabs her club at Eradication. “I’m sick of this bitch acting like she owns us and always telling us what to do.”

     “Back off!” Desolation tells Keening. “This is between me and it!” she says with a contemptuous sneer.

     “The fuck it is,” Eradication replies in a low growl.

     Before the confronting pair can completely comprehend her response, Eradication launches across the room, snatching Keening by the throat with one hand and lifting her off her feet, cutting of her air supply. Desolation lunges, fangs bared to attack but a second too late. Eradication swats her away with a backhand that would have killed her if she was mortal, but even as a demigod, she’s sent spinning through the air of the apartment to crash against the wall and crumples to the floor, near unconsciousness. Keening begins to turn purple from a lack of life giving oxygen as Eradication holds her in the air and shakes her like a ragdoll.

     “Is this what you wanted?” Eradication asks her, as Keening begins swinging the club she’s still holding with little effect. Again and again she slams the table leg against the side of Eradication’s head until finally, a small cut appears above the literary banshee’s right eye. As if she’s noticed the strikes for the first time, she catches the heavy club in her fist, snapping it with a pressing of her thumb, like a pencil.

     “Holy shit,” Pandemic mutters as she watches the swift and extreme violence Eradication is delivering.

     “W-w-what the fuck?” Desolation mumbles, trying to sit up and shake the cobwebs from her thoughts.

     “Stay down,” Eradication orders as she throws and unconscious Keening on top of her. Vivid red claw marks encircling her throat as she crashes down, her open eyes roll up white. “And you!” Eradication roars, stalking toward Hellbound who backs away instinctively.

     “W-what did I do?” Hellbound asks, realizing she’d retreated and stepping forward to regain her ground.

     “Nothing!” Eradication answers, slamming her oversized fist into Hellbound’s stomach, doubling her over and pounding the air from her lungs. Before Hellbound can recover, Eradication slams her massive fist into the side of Hellbound’s upturned face sending her crashing to the floor and fracturing the fragile occipital bone around her right eye. “But you should have tried to help them,” she says, glaring down at her.

     “What about her?” Hellbound asks, her voice faint and gasping as she points at Pandemic.

     “She has no empathy,” Eradication snarls, taking a step closer. “It’s her deal, remember?”

     “Yeah!” Pandemic says, sticking out her tongue and mocking the prostrate Hellbound.

     “But she does need to learn some fucking manners!” Eradication fumes, as she slaps Pandemic across the mouth hard enough to send her tumbling over the back of couch and causing her to bite off the end of her own tongue.

     “Outh! Thucker!” Pandemic lisps, after come to rest on the floor.

     “Now,” Eradication says, glaring at the four creatures sprawled around the shared apartment as she slowly shrinks back to her human size. “I know all of you are used to having your own way and doing as you please. But that stops right fucking now!”

     “You can’t tell us what to do!” Desolation protests as she untangles her limbs from Keening’s and starts to rise.

     “The fuck I can’t!” Eradication booms. Kicking the coffee table and sending it hurtling toward the pair. It crashes into them, splintering from the impact and forcing Desolation to slump back to the floor. “As I was saying,” she says, pausing to determine if another example needs to be made. “If you want to leave, pack you shit and go. But if you stay… We will NOT fight amongst ourselves!” she says as her eyes return to their normal color. “Any takers, because there’s the fucking door?” she asks, pointing at the exit.

     “I’m good,” Pandemic slurs from behind the popcorn-covered couch.

     “Yeah. I’ll stay,” Hellbound says, gingerly touching the purpling skin near her eye.

     “I want my shirt back,” Desolation mutters from the floor.

     “Here,” Eradication replies, pulling the Whitesnake tee shirt over her head and tossing it at her. “Next time remember to get your shit out of the fucking dryer,” she says, sitting down and leaning back on the couch.

     “Yeah,” Keening agrees, crawling away from Desolation but not before giving a half-hearted kick at her.

     Popping up behind Eradication, Pandemic folds her arms under her chin and leans on the back of the couch. “I like it here,” she mumbles through a bloody grin. “Ith like we’re all thithterth!”



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