The Last Call (MMG #5) by R.B. Hilliard

Welcome to The Last Call.

Where Max and Ellie finally get their end game and Gage and Piper reap the benefits from not letting go.

Welcome to The Last Call.

Where Dillon and Isabella realize what one more time really means and Kurt and Joss are flipped right side up.

Welcome to The Last Call.

Where Cas and Sarah figure out how to keep it simple and Harry and Polly take a chance on love.

Welcome to The Last Call.

Where friends come together as family and family means everything.

Welcome to The Last Call.

Where new beginnings are just around the corner…

Pet’s $0.02

I’m a big fan of the series wrap-up book. Nothing’s better than being able to dip back in to the lives of the characters that you’ve come to know and love through prior books. And I really enjoyed the way this book was structured.  Each chapter focuses on one couple from one of the prior MMG books and gives each of the characters a chance to shine.

Throughout the series, some new characters were introduced, a few split off to be pulled into new threads and the danger is far from over. As a bonus, this book actually introduces a few brand new characters to the mix, which is a very good thing.

It’s not roses and sunshine for all. Shit has happened, expectations weren’t lived up to, stress compounds when trying to please everyone and sometimes selfish decisions come back to bite you in the ass.  But there is also a strong bond between all of these characters.  Friendship offers support that they all need at some point or another and life goes on, regardless of whether it’s going in the direction you expected.

If you haven’t read the rest of the MMG series you should give it a try. You’ll fall in love with all of them. If you have, sit back and catch up with the gang before they call it a night. They’ve always got room for you at the bar.

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