Shutter Speed by Freya Barker

She likes picking up her camera because it allows her to see things through a different lens. Like when she lost her job recently and instead of focusing on what she’s forced to leave behind, she zooms in on the new options opening up in front of her. Or when a dangerous looking silver fox comes rolling up her path on a FatBoy, and her digital output shows a deep loneliness, matching her own, in his ice-blue eyes.
But when she's working on making her dreams come true, she inadvertently captures something in her viewfinder she can’t un-see.

He wasn’t supposed to be here, but he can’t seem to escape his old life. Stuck in an old trailer in the mountains, he walks a fine line between ruse and reality. With the arrival of a young-looking pixie—who turns out to be a full grown, hot-blooded woman—his balance is thrown.
He tries to avoid her, but with the little pixel peeper snapping everything in sight, she unintentionally risks his exposure.

And his focus needs to be sharp to keep her from danger.

Pet’s $0.02

Strap in people, Freya Barker is starting a new series!

I am so excited about this. I love her books and I love her mature but youthful characters. She is one of the few authors out there that gives the attention to the thirty-five and up crowd that it deserves. Because while it’s fun to read about the sexy and young, isn’t it kind of beautiful to think about finding that sexy man or woman who’s experienced some shit and knows that they’re both willing and unwilling to put up with in a relationship?  The ones that are willing to cut through all the bullshit and work towards something lasting?

Shutter Speed is a fast paced novella that packs a lot of information into it as an introduction to the series and to both Ben and Isla.

Ben is that sexy silver fox riding up on his Harley, all gruff and manly. How could Isla not be interested? I mean honestly… that’s not even fair. And, Isla only happens to be at the camp grounds Ben shows up to because she’s covering for her Uncle’s emergency absence. How fucking lucky is that? She could have missed him entirely and that would have been a damn shame!

Neither Ben nor Isla are afraid to say what they mean so you don’t have that whole assumptions and misunderstandings issue that you have with some characters who don’t know how to cut to the chase. But, there is a fine line between what you can, and what you choose not to, talk about. Ben’s leaving some key items out of the conversation that could have some really bad consequences for their future happiness.

I’m counting the days until the full length book, Freeze Frame, comes out to find out where Ben and Isla take their relationship from here. I would have been happy with the way this one ended and called it good. But to find out there is more from these two is making me all giddy!