Bradley’s Whistle (Kink Harder Presents #2) by Kirsty Dallas

Was he a hitman? A Navy Seal? Gigolo?
I had no idea what Bradley Emerson did for a living.
I’d figure it out though, secrets didn’t sit well with me and I loved a challenge.
~ Wiska

I wanted her.
I didn’t want to want her.
The brain in my head was no longer in control of this vessel.
Wanting her went against my rules, but apparently my male member was a rule breaker.
~ Bradley

Pet’s $0.02

I found the Kink Harder Presents books on a recommendation from a friend.  I don’t remember exactly which friend it was…but I’d just like to take this opportunity to say thank you because this series and this book in particular was just FUN!  

If you read the first book Decker’s Wood, then you’ll remember Bradley.  His cousin Andi is the love of Decker’s life. Bradley is sexy, he’s smooth and he likes to fuck… a lot! So his being in a relationship with aporn star isn’t really a surprise…but when that relationship goes south because she won’t give up the strange peen (you’re welcome Kristy…), the last thing he wants to do is get involved with Wiska who is also in the business.

I have to hand it to Dallas.  Her porn industry story line, while not unique, would still be a challenge to write. I think it might turn some readers off, but that would be a mistake…because they’re probably some of the more comical books I’ve come across recently.

I adored Bradley. Yeah, he’s kind of an ass when he first meets Wiska and he fights that attraction for all he’s worth, but you can’t help but laugh at a guy who talks to his penis on a regular basis and admits that his dick most assuredly has its own opinions. He made me laugh every single chapter.

Wiska is a nut. She’s that friend that you know is fucking crazy but she’s so much fun she’s your go to friend to party with or just hang. She is the perfect representation of adult ADD but not in a way that annoys the shit out of you. As a porn star she should not seem innocent, but she definitely comes across that way. It’s not so much innocence as it is just a love of life and a willingness to accept pretty much anyone at face value.

Oh, and if you read Decker’s Wood you probably fell in love with Lionel and Casey like I did and they play just as big a part of Bradley and Wiska’s story as they did with Decker and Andi. You’ll also be crazy about the Fancy Dress Friday’s, Naked Sunday’s, love lock bridges and a whole host of other quirky little things that make this series brilliant.  This is a great way to start off the new year!



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