Bleed the Water Red by R.L. Griffin

When Kate Tennison returns to the low country of South Carolina it’s with her tail tucked between her legs. She doesn’t want to be there and face the love of her life, who’s now married with a child. Distance has not broken the spell of fear that surrounds why she ran from her home in the first place. 

Her story is a tragic one. 

Mom in rehab. 

Father dead. 

Career annihilated. 

When we run from something looking back over our shoulder, we miss the scars on the arms that now hold us. 

Can the magic of the water heal her wounded heart or does something dangerous lurk underneath the perfect features of the new man she’s decided to take a chance on?

ellie's and Deenie's $0.02:  (making it actually $0.04)

This one shalt not be overlooked.

Don't you dare ignore us.

Author Griffin handed this one off to me to edit (yeah, yeah, if there are editing errors, ding me and not the author), with ZERO clue on the book except for what you all read above in the synopsis.  Hm.  Okay.  I shall read.  And read I did.

To say that my jaw hit the floor and said author's phone blew up with my texts with "WTF's" is an understatement.  A good understatement.  Blindsided.  I was simply blindsided with this one.

Griffin has a magical storytelling about her.  The story flows easily, smoothly, and tricked me before I even knew what was going on.

Deenie texts me giving me play by play while reading:

"Her writing is phenomenal.  It's crazy. I can almost picture in my head I'm seeing the scene she is writing about. Makes me want to go see if what she is describing is real."

"Chapter 44. I'm nervous, my anxiety level is on max and I need to start getting ready for a birthday party. Fuck a shower, I'm wearing a hat, no makeup and maybe my pjs."

"At 82% and I'm setting it down. In a corner. It needs to think about what it's doing to me."



Needless to say, when we both got this book, our first thoughts were "We wish we could call in sick and read this book."  

At the end of it all.  We are both in agreement that Griffin is fucking brilliant.  Simply.  Fucking.  Brilliant.  The talent in the words, the pain it brings to your chest, the numbness to your brain.  It's breathtaking and not worth passing up.