P.I.T.A. (L.A. Liaisons #3) by Brooke Blaine

As one of the most prestigious wedding coordinators in Los Angeles, Paige Iris Traynor-Ashcroft is known for being classy, elegant, and the orchestrator of many happily-ever-afters.

But in the words of Paige herself: “What a crock of shiitake.”

Known affectionately (or not) as P.I.T.A. to those closest to her, she’s never been one to buy into the whole monogamy thing for herself. Sure, her BFFs are getting picked off by Cupid one by one, but his arrows have nothing on her semiautomatic.

Richard “Dick” Dawson does his best to live up to his name. A long-time frenemy and manwhore extraordinaire, he thrives on pushing limits, pushing up skirts—and pushing every single one of Paige’s buttons. He’s the itch she can’t scratch, and doesn’t want to. Or does she?
What happens when blazing-hot rage turns to crazy, unexplainable lust? Surely not...love? Because that would just be a total P.I.T.A. 

P.I.T.A . is a standalone within a series. All books in the L.A. Liaisons series can be read independently of each other and in mixed order. For maximum reading pleasure, the published order is: LICKED, HOOKER, P.I.T.A.


DD’s $0.02


To say I was happy to see Paige's gorgeous mug pop up on my Kindle is a total understatement. It has felt like for-ev-er since I read Hooker and to finally have this bish's story, I was fucking giddy!


Licked and Hooker, gave us a small look at Paige and Dawson's relationship. I use "relationship" loosely. Maybe I should say friendship? Um, that that doesn't work either, because in a friendship you actually have to like the other person, right? There are definite feelings between them. Two to be exact: love and hate. But is it “love to hate” or “hate to love?”


Paige is a man eater. She knows who she is and makes no excuses.


At first I thought Paige was cynical. I mean, when you have assholes for parental units, how can you believe in the sanctity of marriage? I was wrong, Paige isn't cynical, she’s hurt. And when you're hurt over a lifetime from the people who are supposed to love you unconditionally, of course you can become a jaded dick. Her brutal honesty is not for the faint of heart and she'll be the first to call you out on your shit, and damn if that doens't make me adore her. 


Dawson is a manwhore. He has money, looks and loves to piss off Paige.


Dawson and Paige have known each other since they were kids. He has witnessed the shit show that is her parents and the woman she has become. Dawson is not afraid of her antics or her unfiltered mouth. Yes, he gives as good as he gets, but you get the sense he does it because she enjoys it and Dawson likes giving Paige what she wants. This guy is all kinds of awesome.


These two are like a kick to the balls. They are unrelenting in their quest to “out do” the other, which is kind of hot. I mean, fighting is like foreplay, yes? So what’ll be….fight or fuck? Seeing Paige come to this realization was fucking hysterical.


I have been a fan of Brooke and her girls, since Licked. I have thoroughly enjoyed each chapter of this series from beginning to end and I can't say that for every series I have read. Some books in a series are just underwhelming. Not true here. Brooke can write Rom-Com like no one else. Her characters are my bitches, my girls, my tribe. Paige, Ryleigh, Shane, and Quinn come to life between these pages. They invite you to sit your ass down, have a drink and spill your guts. You’ll need the drink, or several, because these bitches pull no punches.


Now, get your ass in gear and buy these books!


P.S. Dearest Brooke…bring me Quinn dammit! That little ninja has avoided me for far too long.