Death Threats - A Michele Shepard Story (The True Death Series, #6) by R.K. Gleason

Arriving back from their rescue mission in Elysara, many things have changed in Purgatory and between Shepard and his friends. As things go from bad to worse, many of the souls return to their ancient and horrifying ways to survive. A new player has positioned himself as the cruel, would-be protector of urnington. His demands are simple, complete subjugation and obedience at all costs. Shepard reacts in his usual fashion, with a cocktail in one hand, a Coffin Nail in the other and a ‘fuck you’ on his lips.

But his cavalier approach to the ruthless leader has unintended consequences, forcing our band of angels and mortal souls alike to fight for their lives, defending themselves on all sides and fleeing from an unavoidable enemy. Battling their way home and encountering unspeakable dangers along the way, our friends are forced to reconsider old alliances as they face new and more powerful enemies.

ellie's $0.02:

They say things get better with age.  And R.K. Gleason is no exception to that book.  Neither is his writing, which results in books.  Great books.  So he can keep aging.

Just be forewarned.  Never, ever, ever proceed reading his books if you don't have a sense of humor and a strong stomach is needed at times.  Okay.  Proceed.

I think this was my favorite of the series so far (I know, I keep saying that with each new release from him), but they keep getting stronger.  The core group of characters has hit their stride with chemistry and their roles in Purgatory.  The adventure in this one is zany enough to be fiction but not so off the charts that I felt I was reading Ghostbusters knockoff.  Basically, I loved the perfect balance of realism, but not.  I love the mains.  (I.e., the main characters).  I love the dialogue.  I love their stupid-ass, crazy adventures in each episode.

"We’d taken mullet-assigned places in the huge vehicle - human-business up front and all angel-party in the back. "

Hands down, the best scene is drunken angels.  How can you honestly beat that?  You can beat it with a well... ahem... endowed... angel.  Some days you just have to escape for a few days in Purgatory.


“That’s what he did all right,” Bob says with a grin, setting the gun down on the table. “Uriel just whipped out his angelic junk and started waving it around for all the guys to ogle.”

I'm a big fan of Purgatory - even though I haven't been there yet... sounds like a helluva road trip -  I'm a big fan of these characters and the story lines that Gleason keeps coming up with.  I'm a big fan of the dialogue and the character banter is on key and the imagination fed into this is ... well... unimaginable.