Football Sundae by Daryl Banner

Football never tasted this sweet. 

Tanner, the hunky college football star, is home for the summer. Billy, the budding dessert chef, is about to have his hot-fudge-glazed world flipped upside-down. Get ready for the "sweetest" romance you've ever tasted.

Contains: hot man-on-man action, a whole lotta southern small town sass, and ice cream.

Pet’s $0.02

This is the story of Billy and Tanner.

It’s not scandalous, it’s not kinky, it’s not even really angsy.  It is beautiful and heartfelt and touches on all of those awkward feelings that young men, and women for that matter, have when experiencing the first addictive and heady rush of a first love.  All the questions you ask yourself… Do they like me?  Should I hold his hand….you know, every nervous question that could possibly run through your head when your lifelong crush makes a move that could be construed as ‘interested.’

But he’s straight, right? Or, is he? That question is the one that both plagues Billy and turns his world on its ear. It’s almost too good to be true that Tanner, the hot jock and high school crush, might just be interested in him. He has to be misreading this, right?

I loved this book. I’m not sure that a small town like this actually exists, but oh, what a beautiful idea that it could. There wasn’t any hate, there wasn’t any fear…just two men who realize that the person they’ve been looking for has been under their nose their whole life. 

I loved Billy. He was everything you hope your kids grow up to be. Kind, a great friend, loving to his parents and helpful when their business needs it, smart enough to go after what he wants even when life throws him a curve and willing to take a risk on a relationship that he has no guarantee will go anywhere.  Billy was incredibly quiet and self contained, but was also the one who lives his life openly and makes no excuses for who he is.

Tanner has returned from college where he’s learned that life is not quite what he expected. He’s also just recently admitted to himself that he may be living a number of lies, from how he’s doing in school to who he suddenly finds himself unable to stay away from. It’s a summer of personal revelation. The biggest of which is that he’s incredibly attracted to Billy! <gasp>

It has to be terrifying for Tanner to admit to everyone that he’s not who they’ve always thought he was. He’s the football star and the object of lust for every young woman in town. Tanner has never considered himself ‘gay’ and even if you asked him after he and Billy begin their relationship, I still don’t think he’d identify as gay. He just knows that he is incredibly attracted to Billy and recognizes all the wonderful qualities that make him a man worth knowing.

Billy and Tanner’s story is not a book about being gay.

It’s about meeting that one person who makes you happy and being brave enough to stand up for that happiness even when it’s not always comfortable.  Because, some people are just worth the risk.

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