Stupid Love by Kirsty Dallas

Wing-woman …tick
Sunny beach and hot cabana boy…tick
One pissed off father who just happens to be the God of Love…ahhh, dang it.
Phoibe Cupid (aka Bee aka Hedone) is in the business of love…and she hates it. Stuck in a dead end job with no reprieve in sight, she and her trusty BFF, Mac (aka Mac the blood thirsty aka Mac the formidable), travel the mortal realm leaving a trail of chaos and lusty humans in their wake. Life’s good, right up until that moment her daddy grounds her ass and shoots her with her own damn arrow. Now she’s nothing but a frisky horn-dog who has it bad for her potential soul mate and to make matters worse, he doesn’t feel the same way.

The best way to learn about love is to fall into it, kicking and screaming.

Pet’s $0.02

I absolutely love books that bring the Greek Gods to life and make them real.

But, that’s not all this book is about.

Picture if you will, a goddess….

She’s the daughter of Cupid and Psyche. She has unlimited power. She has irreverent friends who encourage her to act impulsively. She has unlimited resources to make everything she could ever want happen.  And, she hates her job…

When over half of the love matches made result in hurt feelings, disillusionment and divorce, she just doesn’t see the point. I get it. Why keep churning out potential matches when they don’t appreciate what they’ve been given? So, she does what any employee wishes they could do and revolts. She will no longer be held down by the man and refuses to match any more of what she, and her friend Mac, call Pooptentials.

I have to admit, I was right there with her. I will also admit that my heart hurt a little bit stressing over all the pooptential matches that never had a chance to meet their one true love because she refused to shoot the right person. She get’s away with it until her father finally steps in…he can’t have his daughter fucking up his legacy, right?

I know some of you will say, “I don’t like mythology based stories.” Well, forget that it has Greek Gods and Goddesses, because that fact becomes irrelevant the further you get into the story. It just becomes a fun story about a girl who likes a guy…and a guy who doesn’t notice the girl…and the pain that comes with knowing that sometimes it’s not as easy as you always thought it was.

If you’re a fan of Kirsty Dallas already, you will love that she drops this mythological quandary right into the middle of the lives of all the characters we’ve come to know and love. Walker, Decker, Bradley, they’re all there! If you’ve never read her before, give Dallas a chance to entertain you, you won’t be disappointed.

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