Smoke and Lyrics by Holly Hall


Country star Jenson King is accustomed to fighting battles and losing--in his career, in his love life, and with alcohol. Following his divorce, thousands, if not millions, of fans are counting on his comeback. But how does one find the spark of passion when it's long since burned out?

Lindsey Farrar wants nothing more than to prove herself as a music photographer. Fiery and independent, she'd rather work countless side jobs to fuel her dream than ride someone else's name to success. After a chance encounter, Lindsey shakes up everything Jenson believes about life and that other four-letter word.

Together, they're fire and gasoline. But Lindsey's determined to shine all on her own, and Jenson casts an enormous shadow.

ellie's $0.02:

Holly Hall quite literally blew me and my mind with this one.

This was my first Hall read. After reading this, I did discover it's part of a series.  I will be going back and picking up the starting books, but I didn't feel like I was lacking history and story meat by not having had read the others yet.

This book was rich and fulfilling.  It was like chicken noodle soup for my soul.  It is a slow burn.   It seeps into every nerve of your body though with the drip drip drip of plot. The story of two flawed and troubled characters that deserved their happily ever afters.  Beautifully written clashing of emotions  

If you are a true lover of words, this one is for you.  Holly is a lyrical genius.

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