Of Smoke And Cinnamon: A Christmas Story by Ace Gray

Camilla Collins hasn't gone home in thirteen years. As much as she loves her family, their tiny hometown in the folds of the Colorado mountains holds too many memories. Memories of a life barely lived and a love barely realized. No matter how she thrives, AJ Jenkins is the man she compares all others too. He just so happens to be the one that broke her heart. Seeing him, seeing the life she might have had with him, has been a very convincing reason to celebrate the holidays in the Pacific Northwest, happy in the rain instead of the snow.

AJ Jenkins isn't exactly bitter and frigid. It's the below freezing temperatures, the knee deep snow, and the death of his chronically ill father dragging him down. That is until Cam Collins finally comes home for Christmas. After thirteen years, he'd almost given up on seeing her. And was incredibly happy about it. But thirteen is unlucky for a reason, and apparently that reason is still a klutzy, gorgeous, living memory determined to poke holes in his barely hanging on heart with death defying stilettos.


Oh, another holiday tale to get me in the mood.  And that it did. For those of you that watch the Hallmark channel this time of year, you cannot pass this book up.  It's okay, you don't have to admit it to me.

Ace may hate me for saying this, but this is my favorite book out of her. 

It's sweet, it's holiday-ish, it takes place in Colorado and it's about the one that almost got away.  I loved the realistic build-up of repairing their lost relationship of thirteen years.   Everything about these two characters struck me and strummed me like an instrument. It's so much more than a "just a holiday book."

And yeah, I totally do giggle at the out-of-towners that visit our snowy Colorado mountain towns in their stilletos.  It does happen.

To me, this book was perfect in all the right ways.  Just enough sex, just enough romance, just enough smoke and cinnamon... and yeah, that touch of Hallmark movie classic written all over it.

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