Bumped by Jaci J.

Jaymes Livingston had it together. Well, she thought she did until she found herself single, pregnant, and falling head over heels for her new, sexy, borderline bossy neighbor. But when she fails to tell him about the bump she’s hiding, Jaymes worries he’ll see the swell and run for the hills. She wouldn’t blame him if he did, but she also might chase him, because Porter is a man worth chasing.

Will the bump get her dumped?

Pet’s $0.02

I loved Jaymes and Porter.

Jaymes has to be one of the most fun women I’ve read in ages. I want to spend hours hanging out with her and Kevin. Which I guess I kind of did while reading the book. Her internal dialogue is hilarious. Anyone who’s ever been pregnant will commiserate with her, recognize every feeling she’s going through and every odd thought that crosses her mind. I’m just not sure how Jaymes thought she could keep a pregnancy secret from her hot new neighbor. I mean, even being a man, he’d have to be pretty clueless. But that’s what makes the story fun. What is she going to do next to try to keep the baby bump hidden?

As for Porter… I truly liked Porter. He seemed like a really nice guy. He was a little cool at the beginning but I don’t think he was any more aloof than any other new neighbor would be. His and Jaymes’ friendship grows pretty quickly and you’re kept guessing through the whole book whether he knows Jaymes is pregnant or not. But, that’s really all I’ve got on Porter. My only complaint with Bumped is that I did not feel like I got enough Porter. I needed more…. I wanted more…. Damn it, he deserved more time!

There were a few pieces of the story that I felt needed more background but I can honestly say that this was a fun read and the lack of information didn’t hurt anything. I didn’t expect the humor, or the conversations that Kevin and Jaymes would have, or the lack of angst. I really expected a lot of angst, and that never happened. Instead I got a believable story that just made me want more, but in the best way possible.

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