Untold (Country Roads #7) by Shannon Richard


Brie Davis came to Mirabelle, Florida, for one thing: the funeral of her birth mother-a woman she never had a chance to know. Now Brie must sort through her mother's life to get the answers she was denied. She plans to leave as soon as she can . . . except the sexy veterinarian makes Brie's pulse beat faster than she's willing to admit.

Finn Shepherd knows Brie's only in town for a short while, but he can't stay away. Instead he finds himself looking for more reasons to keep her close. Finn's already had his fair share of heartbreak, yet Brie makes him want to take that risk again. Now all Finn has to do is convince her to take a chance on him . . . before she disappears from his life forever.

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Shannon Richard writes sweet stories about real people. There might be the random sports or rock star sprinkled throughout the series, but for the most part their just believable stories about every day people.

What makes this book stand out for me in the series is that Richard was able to make you feel sympathy for a character that is hated in every book prior to this one. So, this story really revolves around three people, Finn, Brie and the town pariah, Bethelda.

It seems the whole town is quick to paint Brie with the same brush they’ve painted Bethelda. Granted, Bethelda brought that upon herself with her snide innuendo’s, harsh commentaries and hateful remarks, but it seems that Brie is going to be judged by her absent mother’s actions. It also appears the town has a very short memory. The picture that begins to form of Bethelda is not of a bitter woman who died alone. It was of a young girl disappointed by life who unfortunately allowed that to color the rest of her life. One of my favorite parts of this book was learning about Bethelda and Brie and why their relationship played out the way it did.

But, let’s not forget about Finn. He’s been disillusioned with life too. He might not have become as hateful as Bethelda, but he’s absolutely allowed his past to color the way he looks at life. And the way he treated Brie after finding out she was Bethelda’s daughter was just wrong. I’m glad his family and friends called him on it because I was ready to write him off for his quick and harsh judgment of Brie.

I went into this story with so many questions. I wanted Brie to find the answers that she was looking for. I wanted Finn to stop running from life and I found I wanted to know so much more about Bethelda, which surprised me the most. I think the ending to this will surprise you. It’s still a sweet story, but it leans heavily towards bittersweet. I would be surprised if it doesn’t make you look at the people you meet every day and wonder what shaped them into who they are today. And any book that can make you consider things might not be how they appear, I think, has done its job well.



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