The Final Fight (Fighting #7) by J.B. Salsbury

When life brings you the perfect person at the worst possible time…

On a weekend visit to Las Vegas to visit his brother, Marine Braeden Daniels meets a woman who challenges him in ways he can’t deny. The best part is she wants what he wants.

No strings. No feelings. Just fun.

AJ is a Las Vegas performer who is finally living her dream. Growing up poor, she’s determined to succeed at any cost. No one will stand in her way—not even a hot Marine who breezes into her life all confidence and a cocky smile.

A few stolen weekends and neither can deny the feelings quickly growing between them. But the obstacles that keep them apart become more devastating when the Marine Corps calls Braeden away for a six-month deployment.

It’s only six months.

What could possibly happen?

Pet’s $0.02

These two killed me in the best way possible.

If there was ever a couple that were meant to be together, they were it…and they fucked it all up, epically.

I kept hearing from other readers that this book made them cry….like, a lot…and maybe I just have a cold, dead heart, but while it did have angst galore…it didn’t make me cry. I will not deny there were a few scenes where I got something in my eye, especially between Blake and Braeden, that made it hard to focus.

The sticking point in this book, for me, was how AJ was so set on attaining this mythical, perfect life through her performing. And even though she feels this incredibly strong pull towards Braeden, she just seemed too eager to give up what she and Braeden could have for what Andre was offering, and the easy path to security. AJ was raised poor, not stupid. I can’t believe she didn’t see Andre for the slimeball he was and that he was making a play for her when he knew she was involved with someone else. She was totally blinded by the money. I still have a problem with how she handled that relationship…

But, Braeden isn’t innocent in giving up too easily either. All it would have taken is one word from him to change the way this whole story played out. AJ had doubts about their future together but I felt like she was willing to push those aside to stay in Braeden’s life if he’d have given her just one hint that he wanted her in the same way. Unfortunately, he was just as blinded to what they could have as AJ was, only his was to duty, his brothers in arms, and to some warped sense of honor in doing what he thinks is the right thing for AJ. Just for the record, in my opinion…sometimes it’s okay to be selfish and this is definitely a case where he should have been.

What neither of them took into account in their grand plans, is sometimes life doesn’t work out how you want no matter how much planning and sacrificing you do to get there. I just felt like both of them wasted so much time and denied themselves for no good reason. Still, it was a fantastic ending to this series even if it did drag your emotions through the wringer to get where the story needed to go. It may not have been how I wanted AJ and Braeden to reconnect, but I can’t deny it works.



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