Red Wolf (Shifters Unbound #10) by Jennifer Ashley

Lupine Shifter Dimitri has always had to defend himself to other Shifters. As a red wolf, he’s not considered a “pure” wolf, and the battles have honed him into a tough fighter, a champion of the fight clubs. Jaycee Bordeaux, a leopard Shifter, is Dimitri’s staunchest defender and oldest friend. Dimitri is determined to turn that friendship into a mate bond.

Jaycee loves that idea, but she knows that a mate bond can’t be forced. And when Dimitri and Jaycee are called on to go undercover to protect collared Shifters, she knows the dangers ahead will make or break their future together.

Pet’s $0.02

If you thought Shiftertown’s were weirdly communal you’ve got a whole new level of messed up to deal with in Red Wolf.

Dimitri and Jaycee are two of Kendrick’s best trackers. When Kendrick sends them on a mission to New Orleans to find out why shifters are coming up missing, they encounter what can only be called a shifter cult, run by the bear shifter Brice.

The action I’ve come to expect from the Shifter’s Unbound series is present here in spades. Something is always happening and there never seems to be time for Dimitri and Jaycee to just settle back and explore whether or not they’re actually mated. Dimitri has made the claim, now it’s up to Jaycee to accept or deny the claim. The back and forth internal debate that Jaycee goes through was so frustrating.

So, while I love that the action is fast and the world building that Ashley has done is extensive, I just wanted Dimitri and Jaycee to get down to will she or won’t she! They’re perfect for each other but outside influences are pushing them into a decision that could go either way and I had no idea which direction it was going to end up going.

This can definitely be read as a stand alone. But, you’re going to get so much more from it if you read the rest of the series. It’s a fun shifter series with some twists I’ve not seen in other shifter books and they all have some crazily loveable characters.

I would read this series for Ben, Tiger and Zander alone, but Dimitri is right up there with them and I’m going to keep on reading until I find out if the Fae finally get the ass kicking they deserve and all of my favorite shifters find their true mates.

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