Do you use CBD?

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Today I'm going to review drugs.  DRUGS?  No, not really.  CBD.  Otherwise known as Cannabidiol.

What the hell is CBD exactly?

I could get really technical and researchy and talk a lot of details about it... but I'm basically going to give you this link that has some solid info on it for the nitty gritty if you want deets:


I have some health issues - I mean, who doesn't nowadays - and am always researching what to take and not to take.  CBD is *the* talk of the town nowadays and is the "magical fix all" - like coconut oil.

 Perk.  It's non-psychoactive.  That could be an unperk to some.  But sometimes you need to be legal and stuff.  Sometimes you can't be high.  Sometimes you need something you can travel with.  Some people don't want to use drugs.

CBD was my personal answer to a lot.  It solved issues I had, some I didn't know I had, some I didn't think I had... and the particular brand and dose I take has absolutely been an overall improvement to my health.  

My heart is more of a gray color now instead of black.  I'm not quite as quick to flip you off if you piss me off.  And I crack a smile like nearly once a week now.  Given I'm not a Kardashian with a cute gummy bear touting the awesomeness of a product.

It's easy to order.  It's easy to take.  It's easy to figure out the dose that works for you.  It's life-changing.

If you've been on the fence or curious about it, try it.  You won't become a "stoner."  Odds are in your favor that this will help you in one way or another.


Where do I buy?

I've done research.  I've tested different brands, oils, capsules, drinks.  

Personally?  This is the brand I use.  I highly recommend it.  No THC.  Like zero.  As in 0.0% THC.  Great absorption.  Ships everywhere, including internationally.  And hands down amazing customer service.  They are my definite go-to:

Hempower Nutrition