Single Dad's Barista by Amelia Wilde

He’ll give her more than just a sip.  

My first and only goal moving into this small town is to crush the local competition with my brand-new coffee shop. 

At least, that’s my plan when I move back to Lakewood with my baby daughter. 

Step One: Open my new shop. Step Two: Dominate. 

The other shop in town will go down the drain like a melted frozen mocha on a hot day, and I don’t care. 

Until I meet Ellie Collins, the barista working behind the counter at the coffee shop across the street. 

I catch her twerking when she thinks nobody’s watching...and once I’ve seen her drop it low, I have to have her in my bed. Or on the counter. Or the floor. 

We’re supposed to be enemies. In the light of day, our businesses are locked in a battle to the death. 

But at night, I can’t stay away… 

Single Dad’s Barista is a steamy full-length single dad novel with adult language and an HEA that will have you buzzing with love like a piping hot mug of your favorite coffee drink.

ellie's $0.02:

I'm sitting here drinking coffee, thinking about coffee, and writing a review about a barista.  Irony?

This is a light-hearted, entertaining romance of a .... barista... and a single dad... falling in love.  I know, I know.  I just totally gave the storyline away.  I suck at spoilers.

It's amusing and steamy (mmmm, like a nice hot cup of coffee) with very little angst.  It's a Sunday afternoon read that will give a the right dose of HEA and sizzle to get you through your weekend.  It's fun, it's easygoing, the writing is light and you'll finish it all with a smile.

And.  I'm partial to the heroine's name.  What can I say.