For the Love of My Sexy Geek by A.M. Hargrove

From the author of For the Love of English comes a spin off novella, For the Love of My Sexy Geek. This is part of The Vault anthology.

From the first time we met I was instantly hooked.

His dark framed glasses and tech talk heightened his allure.

I fell fast and hard, harder than I ever had before.

Only I should’ve known it was too good to be true.

Evaded questions were always answered with sex.

Hot and steamy sex.

Melt your panties sex.

That should’ve been my clue.

It wasn’t.

Until …

Until that one night I followed him.

Never could I have imagined where my sexy geek would lead me.


K3’s $0.02

We meet Michelle in For the Love of English.  She is smart, sexy and confident. The moment she sees Oliver, sparks fly. Fast forward a few months and Michelle isn’t so confident in their relationship. Oliver continues to be vague and is constantly evading her questions. The things he tells her don’t add up. So what is a girl to do? Well, follow him of course. Little did Michelle know that following him would change her life forever.

Oliver is a metro sexy geek. Seriously, who doesn’t love a man in glasses? The first time he sees Michelle, he wants her but he knows he needs to stay away. Fate has other plans and the heart wants what it wants. He knows getting involved in a serious relationship is that last thing he should do but he can’t help it. Things are going great and getting serious and he answers her questions the best he can but he is realizing that Michelle isn’t satisfied with what he has to say.

Michelle and Oliver have a sexy, hilarious and serious bumps in their road to happiness.

I adored this novella. Without giving too much away all I am going to say is it reminded me of one of my favorite shows about a bad a$$ geek. It was a funny, sexy and quick read.

A.M Hargrove never disappoints when it comes to steamy romances and great characters.